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Free Rotation 1 Apr 2018

Unhindered Camera Rotation and additional Camera controls.

  1. Air strike bug fix

    - Fixed a bug introduced by the R+F patch involving air strikes and WMD strikes.
    - Games without the R+F patch (Mac/Linux users) will use the old code for air strikes and WMD strikes in order to make sure it doesn't break for them.
  2. Movement Path Bug Fix

    - Fixed a bug where previously selected movement path was not being shown when selecting a unit.
  3. The update you've been waiting for.

    - Updated to be compatible with latest version of CQUI, this fixes the city border bug.
    - Pressing the H key (or whatever keybind you have set in the settings) now will toggle between default and last used camera rotation.
    - Added ability to change the WASD, QE keybinds in the mod settings (see discussion).
    - Fixed awkwardness when pressing Shift for CQUI users. Select next unit/city moved to X key for CQUI users if Shift rotating is enabled (can change keybind in the settings).