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G&H's Scotland - Robert I Bruce for VP

G&H's Scotland - Robert I Bruce for VP v.17

Adjacencies Bonus:
  • +1 :c5gold: Gold to adjacent Pastures
  • +1 :c5food: Food to adjacent Camps
Build a Dun Cinneadh no longer cuts Forests and Jungles.
Change base national population requirement for the Great Seal Registers.
Allows you to build the Dun Cinneadh on resources added by Even More Resources for VP
Remove Logging camp for bonuses on improvement adjacent to Dun Cinneadh
3.0 compatibility the good one
Various bug fixes detected by @adan_eslavo
  • Decreased Bhonnaich's HP bonus to +15
  • Fixed errors in the GameText
  • Fixed an error in the Diplomacy GameText
Added Recursive's new victory code
News Promotion Icons from Asterix Rage :thanx:
Dun Cinneadh Adjacency bonuses add:
  • +1 :c5gold:/:tourism: to adjacent GPTIs.
Bugfix :
  • Musketman obtained instead of Schiltron, fixed
  • Bhonnaich Promotion didn't work properly, one more time :mad:, fixed, I expect and I'm sorry :blush:
Bugfix :
  • Tile claimed by the Dun Cinneadh was not attributed to a city
  • Unit calls for war declaration or liberated city didn't have XPs bonus from buildings and other sources
UI - Dun Cinneadh

Unlocked at Masonry
800 construction time
Must be built on Resource tiles, and improves the Resource.
Can be built on neutral tiles adjacent to Scottish territory and claims the tile on completion.
+50 % :c5strength: CS defense bonus

1 :c5production:

Adjacency bonuses :
  • +1 :c5production: Production to adjacent Farms
  • +1 :c5gold: Gold to adjacent Lumbermills
  • +1 :c5culture: Culture to adjacent Mines
  • +1 :c5science: Science to adjacent Villages
  • +1 :c5food: Food to adjacent Coast and Lake tiles
Tech bonuses :
  • +1 :c5culture:/:c5science: at Drama and Poetry
  • +1 :c5production:/:c5gold: at Metal Casting
  • +1 :c5culture:/:c5science: at Architecture
  • +1 :c5production:/:c5gold: at Metallurgy
  • +2 :tourism: at Flight
Change Schiltron cost from 160 to 175 :c5production:

News formulas :
  • :c5culture: Culture : (50 + 10 x PlayerEra^3) x gamespeed
  • :c5influence: Influence : 23 + 2 x PlayerEra^2
  • Bhonnaich Promotion didn't was not working properly.
  • cost production of Great Seal Registers didn't take into account the number of city.
Corrections :
  • When declaring war on Scotland, the bonus notification was not displayed, fixed.
  • Correction and improvement of texts.
  • The sound level of the musics has been slightly lowered.
Correction in SQL file which crashed part of the mod and generated the floating garden syndrome at the first DoF and made the second part of the UA inoperative.
Sorry for this false start :blush:.
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