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  1. jarcast2

    Alternative art for some civs for VP

    This is yet another small mod I made for personal enjoyment I'm sharing to those interested. Features: Replace leader art of GH's Ainu with LitE's Ainu one (link). Replace leader art and civ icon of GH's Scotland with MC's Scotland one (link). Replace leader art of pineappledan's Chola with...
  2. sman1975

    Hundred Years War Civ Pack IV (1415 - 1453) V1.0, HF#2

    This civ pack contains five civs, which were developed as part of a new scenario, focusing on the Hundred Years War from 1415 until 1453. The scenario these civs were pulled from can be found here. It is still under development, but is quite playable...
  3. Hinin

    G&H's Kingdom of Scotland for Vox Populi

    The Kingdom of Scotland Download here (requires 1-7-2021 or later) Leader - Robert I Bruce UA - Arbroath Declaration When being declared War on or Liberating a City for the first time, gain global :c5influence: Influence, :c5culture: Culture and a Melee Unit with bonus Experience in the...
  4. gwennog

    G&H's Scotland - Robert I Bruce for VP v.17

    Adds the Kingdom of Scotland, led by Robert I Bruce. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP To talk about it Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors) : Grace O'Malley Quartet : Peace Theme - Fear an Bhata (written by Sìne NicFhionnlaigh, late 19th century) David Chas : War...
  5. PPQ_Purple

    Scotish Rifleman 2020-11-04

    A rifleman unit for Scotland based on the historical Scotish Highland Regiment serving in the British army during the period. Art is based on this painting from the Crimean war.
  6. brick623

    Great Britain and Ireland Map 1.0

    Overview A custom-made map of Great Britain, Ireland, and surrounding islands, in the style of Gedemon’s YnAMP pack. Size – Large (78x72 hex) Dependency: Latest version of Gedemon’s YnAMP – use the GitHub download...
  7. inquisitive_otter

    [GS] VidLP - Deity Scotland, epic speed

    Greetings civilization fanatics! I recently took a trip to Scotland, hiking through the highlands, and I thought that it would be great to play a game as them. In my previous VidLPs, we conquered the world as America, Australia, Maori, and now we set out to win as Scotland. Watch as I play...
  8. megabearsfan

    [R&F] A general strategy for Robert the Bruce of Scotland

    Hi all, in anticipation for the new Gathering Storm expansion, I wanted to try to get out *at least* one more strategy guide for Rise & Fall before the new exp makes landfall. The strategies that I've written so far have focused on the civs who are new to the series (civs that have never before...
  9. Lucster77

    Science victory with Scotland in 144 turns playing on emperor with ai+ mod

    Have you ever wanted to play Scotland? Turns out they are great for a science victory. In the first video you will see that I am boxed in by Rome and must use clever tactics like a great general, oligarchy and twilight valour policy from getting a dark age to get +14 combat strength. I also went...
  10. Bryce3

    Britannia Map 2018-12-14

    This is a map I've been working on for a while, including the Isle of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland. Start plots and resources are randomised. Jungle represents marsh/wetland, whilst tundra is moorland, etc. It is 64x102 tiles. Uncompressed size Great Britain is mainly...
  11. Civic Key

    [R&F] [Story] Filthy Robot's Scotland

    Filthy Robot's Story of Scotland Civic Key Disclaimer: I'm a fan of civilization and FilthyRobot so I'm retelling his Let's Play on Scotland. I can't play it because my computer is too weak yet I still love Civilization. I liked this forum because you're using the creativity and the lore of the...
  12. Birdjaguar

    Ask a Travel Question here!

    Since I have one and there hasn't been a thread for this that I am aware of, it seems appropriate. I have a friend going to Glasgow next month and is looking for less known, but good hiking opportunities in the area. If you know of some please post them. Thanks.
  13. Civic Key

    [R&F] Quill's Scotland!

    Hi!, I am doing to share Quill's Playthrough as the Scottish Civilization. The story plays according to the Historic Timeline of the Scottish Empire. "Quill's Scottish Stories" by: Civic Key Over the peninsula there's settler of people named the "Scottish People". With good environment and...
  14. P

    New civ: Scotland

    I know that Toussaint has already released a Scotland, but I had already started on this when I saw it and wanted to do something a bit different, so here it is anyway. Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1191863492
  15. Antagonise

    Celtic Nations Plus

    This thread is for the development of six civilizations I shall be releasing over the course of the year as part of a new project, Celtic Nations Plus. Originally I was simply planning to make and release Cornwall, but I've decided to expand on that and turn it into the start of a small series...
  16. sman1975

    Mod Finally Finished (well, Beta anyways...) - Thanks to Everyone!!!

    Wanted to let everyone know my mod is finally released - "Kingmaker: The Winter of Discontent" It's meant to be a medieval slug-fest, full of Shakespearean flavor, even a mad wizard or two up in the misty Scottish highlands. Game is mainly scoped for Diety/Marathon, as it's very hard to get...
  17. sman1975

    [BNW] Kingmaker: The Winter of Discontent

    Well met, Friends! "Kingmaker - The Winter of Discontent" is a scenario depicting the prolonged intermittent struggle now known as the Wars of the Roses, a civil war in medieval England. These wars were fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, those of...
  18. A New Advancement

    A New Advancement

    This is Scotland Yard, built in a classical city. Looks like the citizens have some technological catching up to do.
  19. Scotland Yard

    Scotland Yard

    Scotland Yard - Built by spies
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