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Giant Earth Map - Version 6.4.1 (BTS3.19) 2016-10-05

Version 6.4.1, Released on 28 Jun 2011
(Minor release)

1) Fixed a bug in 1940AD.
2) Game balance changes for 1942AD - US starts with a much larger military force. The commonwealth, Japanese and Chinese also increases a bit.
3) Added one more important city to Russia and changed some Russian city names to their historical names.
4) Added Sentry promotion (+1 visibility) to scout and explorer.

Version 6.4 changes:
Added two scenarios, 1936AD and 1942AD, which are derived from the 1940AD scenario. There are also some minor game balance adjustments in the other scenarios too.

I have reverted most unique unit's ability to BTS default just to make the game less different from the original. But there is an important change on movement speed - the base movement of all units is now 2, just like Civ 5 does. With the increase in movement, the warring aspect of the game is just plain faster.

For more information and commenting, please go to the discussion forum:

Download Instruction
Download the rar or zip file and extract it to the following path (note that the following path should be changed according to where you have installed Civ 4):

"My Documents\My Game\Beyond the Sword\MODS\"
"C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\"

After you placed the folder in the above path, start your game normally. Then click "Advanced" in the menu, click "Load a mod" and select "Giant Earth Map”. The game will restart but with the mod this time. Then go to "Single player", "Play a scenario" and pick a map that you like.

From GEM 6.2 onwards, the download is provided in rar format, which compress files better than zip. You will need WinRAR to extract the file, which can be freely downloaded from

WARNING: the map is Giant in size and it will strain your PC. RAM seems to be particularly important. In particular, the world war 2 scenarios are RAM killers! I won't try this map on a PC with less than 1G of RAM. Having that said, it would only cause, in the usual case, a long waiting time between each turn; in the worst case, your game would quit without saving because it is running out of ram.
Lastly, please come back and put a rating and drop a comment. If commenting, please try to be precise and constructive so that I know exactly what you want it to be.
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