Jarcast's The Samnites

Jarcast's The Samnites 4.0

Spoiler 3rd and 4th Unique Component :

Installation notes:
Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.

For concerns and advices regarding balance with Vox Populi mod reply in this thread.

Steam workshop: link .
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Latest updates

  1. 3rd anniversary edition

    Changes: - new civ icon - players now can choose the totem upon founding a city instead of...
  2. Added promotion icons and Other changes

    Changelog: - added custom promotion icons thanks to AsterixRage; - removed user setting option...
  3. New Leader art and Additional Achievements mod support

    Changelog: New leader art by Tarmont and DMS. Added Additional Achievements mod support. Minor...
  4. Updated YnAEMP support to latest version 25

    Added true start location for the following maps: Adriatic AfriAsiaAust AfriSouthEuro...
  5. Some fixes for standalone use

    Changelog: removed the code that granted a free warrior one turn after founding the capital...
  6. Fixed missing unique components error plus enoteca resource change

    Changelog: Fixed error that -without Vox Populi mod enabled- prevented from loading the unique...
  7. Balancing and other minor adjustments

    Changelog: Sacratus does not appear in the civ selection UI and DoM screen anymore (as it...
  8. Solved issue of first unit getting more than one totem promotion plus some balancing

    Changelog Someone made me notice that the first unit (warrior or pathfinder in VP) gains the...
  9. Download still gave the old version without the additions. Sorry.

    The last update featured still the old file without the additions I made. If you see a...
  10. Added 3rd-4th Unique component compatibility and fixed missing icon with DirectX11

    Changelog Fixed missing icon of Legio Linteata in city screen view when using DirectX 11. Vox...
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