JFD's Civilizations - Japan (Tojo) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and other changes for the Community Balance Patch.

  1. HungryForFood
    JFD's Civilizations - Japan (Tojo) for Vox Populi
    (does not need the original mod)

    (steam workshop)
    (link to original mod)

    Empire of the Pacific (UA)

    +1 :c5science: Science and :c5production: Production from Coastal Buildings. Gain 30 :c5science: Science, scaling with Era, when acquiring Ocean, Coast, or Lake tiles via any means.

    Imperial Shrine (UB) (replaces Circus)

    • +3 :c5culture: Culture, +2 :c5faith: Faith (instead of none).
    • Increases the :c5war: Military Unit Supply Cap by 1.
    • All military units trained in the City receive the Emperor's Will Promotion (Increased :c5strength: Combat Strength based on unit damage (Tenacity)). Granted to all combat units.
    • 2 slots for :greatwork: Great Works of Art or Artifact. +5 :c5culture: Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points if Themed. Fill both slots with Art or Artifact created by you to gain the bonus.
    Yamato (UU) (replaces Battleship)

    • +20 :c5strength: Combat Strength and +5 :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength.
    • Type 94 Naval Guns (+25% :c5strength: Combat Strength when attacking, +1 Range).
    • Armor Plating I (+25% :c5strength: Combat Bonus when defending).
    To install, extract to C:\Users\[your username]\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS.
    More details in forum thread.

    Additional mod compatibility
    • JFD: Code, Design, Writing
    • Leugi: Art (Leaderscene)
    • Regalman: Art (Map)
    • Janboruta: Art (Leader Icon)
    • Danrell: Graphics (Yamato, Kagero)
    • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
    • HungryForFood: Vox Populi Compatibility, Art (Icons for Kagero, Imperial Shrine, Governor's Office)
    I am not the author of the original mod.

Recent Updates

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