JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi (v 7)

Compatibility and balance changes for the Community Balance Patch.

  1. HungryForFood
    JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi
    Does not need the original mod

    (steam workshop)
    (link to original mod)

    The New Deal (UA)

    Gain Great Merchant, Great Engineer, or Great Scientist points, along with the corresponding yields, whenever you unlock a Social Policy. +5 :c5culture: Culture from Great Person Tile Improvements and Landmarks.

    Assembly Plant (UB) (replaces Factory)

    • +25% Military Unit :c5production: Production.
    • All units from the city gain +50% embarked :c5strength: Defense and +3 :c5moves: Movement when embarked.
    • Additional +1 :c5production: Production to Engineer specialists,+1 :c5gold: Gold to Merchant specialists, and +1 :c5science: Science to Scientist specialists,
    • When you construct a Unit in the city, gain :c5gold: Gold equal to 25% of the Unit's :c5production: Production cost.
    • Does not require Coal.
    • 2 Specialists in the City no longer produces :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Urbanization.
    Mustang (UU)

    • +10 :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength.
    • Long Range Fighter (+2 operational range and air intercept range, +25% :c5strength: Combat Strength to Bomber Units stationed within 1 tile of the unit).
    • Quick Learner (Earn experience toward promotions 50% faster).
    Other information
    To install, extract to C:\Users\[your username]\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS.
    More details in the forum.

    • JFD: Coding, Design, Writing
    • Janboruta: Artwork
    • Leugi: Artwork (Leaderscreen)
    • Firaxis: Artwork (Assembly Plant)
    • Gyra Solune: Research (City Lists)
    • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
    • Danrell: Mustang model
    • HungryForFood: Mustang and Slater Mill icons (original images from Google)
    I am not the original author of this mod. Special thanks to JFD for allowing me to post this.

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    Well designed, well balanced. This is the right VP America civ. we need to forget the unffair Washington.