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Kulin Nation 2016-10-05

Kulin Nation

  1. Hiram
    Adds the Kulin Nation to the game as a playable civilization

    UU: Diorite Axeman - Replaces Warrior. Slightly stronger and can trade exotic goods once.

    UB: Possum Cloak Maker - Replaces Artist's Guild. 5 can be built in the empire. Contains 1 Artist Specialist slot and provides +2 great person points to Great Artist generation. Provides 2 Possum Cloak resources.

    XML - Hiram
    Art - Hiram, TarcisioCM, TPangolin
    Music - Australian Art Orchestra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfD8A1WUpOM


    1. kulinteas_p7A.png