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Leonardo's Workshop Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

I made this for my Thomas' War mod

Leonardo's Workshop:

I know Gir already made a Leonardo's Workshop wonder, but I always found his a little complicated. It basically gave a percent chance to instant upgrade if you were in a city, if you weren't there was a percent to get a promotion that you could use if you walked into a city, and then something else if you won combat in your territory? I still think it was a great modcomp and you should check it, as well as his other wonders, out.

This, once you build it upgrades cost 50% less until it obsoletes.

All the python is labeled and searching for 'Leonardo' should find the changes.

You need to comment out or delete the original

return -1


I recommend downloading and using Winmerge to combine python.

XML, Button: me (tsentom1)
Python: tsentom1, Dresden
Wonder Movie, Model: I'm not sure, I used the same ones from Gir's original modcomp


Edit: As per request it now only gives a 50% Upgrade Bonus
Edit2: Added a line of code so that the "Leader" promotion once again gives free upgrades
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Does not work. Just generates a TON of XML errors when relaunching game.
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