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Limited Eras ModComp Pack 2016-10-05

Limited Eras ModComp Pack Thread

Ever wished that the tech tree stoped at the end of your favorited Era? Tired of musketmen swooping in and destroying the axeman army you just spent 1,000 years building up? Hate the unending pressure to always have your science kranked to avoid falling behind?

Well then one or more of the mods in this comp pack may be the answer to what you seek. There are 7 modcomps in this pack. Each mod disables the ability to research techs in the corisponding Era and all the Eras that follow it.

EDIT: Current version is 0.9 and contains only the CIV4TechInfos.xml file in the /Assets/XML/Technologies folder. I will at some point release version 1.0 wich will contain a readme.txt file documenting my changes to the file and simple installation insturctions, but I've got other things of more importance to do right now. Its just one file, if you really need help, just post here or pm me and I'll happilly help ya out.

These mods disable the RESEARCHING of techs in the game. When useng these mods, both Human and AI players will still recieve whatever free techs are given by the choosen Civilization and Difficulty Level.
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LOL i know it's been like four years and u probably figured it out by now, but after the files are downloaded and unzipped,
1. Find the folder labeled <ex. NoMedieval> - Assets - XML - Technologies - CIV4TechInfos
2. Copy that file
3. Go to My Documents - there should be a folder there labeled My Games, go into that
4. Select Sid Meier's Civilization 4 - Custom Assets - xml - technologies - and paste it inside that folder.

NOTE: It won't work for custom scenarios,

This thing works great...I'm wondering if something like this will ever show up compatible with Warlords and Beyond the Sword. Thanks again.
Yea im really not good at moding games and all that thecknical stuff,
Heck, I moved in this country 2 years ago, but could you please help me and tell me what to do after you download the mod?? like where to put the downloaded files?
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