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Lizardman Test 2016-10-05

It's more a test than a leader. I wanted to test the High Resolution mesh sculpting in Zbrush for genering normal maps for civ4 LH.

This is two object (Lizard and Armor) that are attached to the torso and head bone, no complex rigging. You can use it as a leader, but the rigging si to much simple for a nice result. If you want a better Lizardman, a new rigging (and maybe new anim) would be better. Also, the sleeves of the armor are too short, so you should move a bit the obects and/or camera. Ahh, and because it's only a test, there is no noshader version. Horever, creating a noshader version from a shaded LH is pretty simple with textures baking in Blender or max, so if you need a noshader texture with shadows, I can make or explain the process of texture baking.

Here is how I proceed if you want to see the effect of the normal map :

First, I sculpted a LizardMan Head in Zbrush from a sphere.

After, from a low poly mesh, I made an armor for him in Zbrush :

Both textures are made in Zbrush with polypainting.

After, I generated the normals map in Zbrush and exported it.

Refar have imported it in Max and export in nif with shaders (Big Thanks to him !)

Here you can see (with a gray DIFF texture) the effect of the normal map

So the test was succesfull and this will help the creation of better quality LH in the future :D
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