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Unfinished Roman LH 2016-10-05

Unfinished Roman LH

  1. C.Roland
    Unifnished Work. I post it because some may use it, but there is still a lot of issues with this one. I won't work on it anymore...

    When I was working on recycling all the LH that I've made for BtS, I began a roman general based on TheForge leader. DutcKing have added the shaders to an old helmet that I did for him, but I'm busy those days and I'm not satisfy from the result so I wont finish it (I'm working on something else). There is still a lot of clipping error and the overall look isn't really beautifull so I won't work on this anymore. Horewer, if someone want to use it as a base for an other leader, or can use it in some ways, I may upload it.


    1. unfinishedroman_0Kw.jpg