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Vlad III Dracula 2016-10-05

Vlad III Dracula

  1. C.Roland
    Vlad III the Impaler or Vlad Dracula,

    Prince of Wallachia (now southern Romania)

    Nothing really original here. I was inspired by Zerver's Drakula (by the way, the credits for the BG go to him). I modeled his crown and added it to Justinian, but there is no model change, so it still look like Justinian a lot. He uses his animation, maybe you can use an other leader's animation if you want to make it looks less like Justinian, but I think it's with Just's anim that he looks the most like the painting

    I just wanted to make a quick one :D


    1. vlad1_RdQ.jpg
    2. vlad3_7aY.jpg