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Modern Flags Modder's Resource 2016-10-05

Modern Flags Modder's Resource

  1. KnelRivendare
    if you want to change a flag for a Civ just go into \XML\Civilizations

    and change the number

    <Set PortraitIndex="24"/>

    or if you want to add a new one add these lines:

    <Set PortraitIndex="3"/>

    numbers/civ names have to be changed of course.

    0= Nazi Germany
    1= Britain
    2= Soviet Russia
    3= USA
    4= Japan
    5= France
    6= Italia
    7= Republic China
    8= Spain (Franco era)
    9= Turkye
    10= Greece
    11= Poland
    12= Benelux
    13= Denmark
    14= Sweden
    15= Brazil
    16= Argentina
    17= Macedonia
    18= Modern Germany
    19= Deutsches Reich
    20= Modern Russia/Imperial Russia
    21= Netherlands
    22= Iran
    23= Arab League
    24= Deutsches Reich with Prussian Eagle
    25= Austria-Hungary
    26= Saudi Arabia
    27= India
    28= Korea
    29= Canada
    30= Australia
    31= Switzerland
    32= Ireland
    33= Israel
    34= Mexico
    35= European Union
    36= Sctoland
    37= Communist China
    38= North Korea
    39= -----
    40= Prussian Eagle on white ground
    41= Imperial Russia with Eagle
    42= England
    43= Ethopia
    44= Qing China
    45= Spain
    46= Egypt

    if you have any request for new flags feel free to tell me and i see what i can do.

    also feel free to use the file for your mods or whatever


    1. this_nNn.jpg
    2. civcivilizationsatlas256_fjy.jpg
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