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Numpad Unit Commands 2.0

Allows you to select/move units and perform range attacks using the numpad keys.

  1. MadManCam
    Steam Workshop Link

    Allows you to select/move units and perform range attacks using the numpad keys. Designed as an alternative to messing around with the mouse when moving and selecting units.

    Can be used with saved games.

    Future Updates
    - I will be adding a way to use the numpad keys to perform other unit commands, so that the mouse needs to be used even less.

    - Will work with any ruleset.
    - Adds its own UI file. It doesn't replace anything, so it is compatible with any other UI mod that doesn't try to use the same keys.

    I can't move units even when num lock is on
    - Check out the Troubleshooting discussion.

    - "5" centers view on selected unit. Double tapping "5" will skip the unit's turn (or enter ranged attack selection if available).
    - 1, 4, 7, 3, 6, and 9 will move unit one plot at a time in the 6 possible directions.
    - "8" and "2" will select the next/previous ready unit, respectively (unless selecting a range attack).
    - If no unit is selected, pressing a numpad key will select the next available ready unit.
    - Mod will ignore when you hold down a key for more than 2 seconds, it must be pressed and released quickly to register an action.
    - Numpad key presses will not queue any movements for the next turn.

    Melee / Ranged Attacks
    - To melee attack a unit (or range attack an adjacent one), you must double tap the numpad movement key. One press will only show the Unit Panel combat simulation.
    - Double tapping "5" will enter ranged attack selection mode if ranged attack is available, otherwise it will skip the selected unit's turn.

    Once in ranged attack mode:
    - The numpad up, down and the east, west keys will scroll through selectable targets.
    - To perform the ranged attack, double tap "5" again.
    - Press "escape" or the diagonal (1, 7, 9, 3) numpad keys to exit ranged selection mode.

    sp00n: Original mod on CivFanatics.
    MadManCam: Updated input logic/processing, ranged attack commands, next/previous unit selection commands.