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- All Follower Beliefs now grant the ability to purchase Monks.
- Supports the Religion Expanded Mod.
- Replaces the Warrior Monks Follower Belief with Monastic Warrior Training, which gives newly trained Monks a free Twilight Veil promotion and +2 movement when starting in friendly territory.
- Monks gain +5 Combat Strength for all players.

Please remember that the Temple building is required to purchase Monks

It is compatible with other mods that change beliefs except for the fact that changes the text for the Warrior Monk belief.

Supports all game languages. If the translation for your language is wrong or weird, let me know.

No DLC or other mods required, just Civ 6 with at least the Oct 2017 patch.

If you know of a mod that adds follower beliefs, tell me what the mod is and I'll add support for it.

Suggested Other Mods:
Generals buff Monks and Monks gain Melee abilities.
Religion Expanded

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