Phantagonist's Li Shimin (Tang Taizong) 2020-08-21

Adds Li Shimin, Tang Taizong as an alternate leader for China.

  1. Phantagonist
    Li Shimin

    Screenshot 01 LSM.jpg

    Ability: Immortalized Confidants
    Killing an enemy unit grants +1 Great Person points of every type.
    Recruiting or patronizing Great People provides 1 copy of Legacy specific to the Great Person type. Each type of Legacies provides 6 Amenities, and +2 Strength to Chinese units when attacking.
    Gain the Xuan Jia Jun unique unit with Stirrups.


    Unique Unit: Xuan Jia Jun
    Chinese unique Medieval Era unit that replaces the Knight, when Li Shimin is their leader. Can move after attacking, and can attack again after killing an enemy unit.

    Agenda: Khan of Heaven
    Likes peaceful civilizations that are not his neighbors. Dislikes warmongering neighbors.

    This mod requires Gathering Storm & The Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack.

    Supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

    Mod compatibility
    Phantagonist's Historical City Names for Chinese Leaders (Provides 60 historical city names for Li Shimin)

    Special thanks to:
    Tutorial & Modding Tools: Hemmelfort, Randerion, Leugi, maconnolly
    Artwork: 伊达未来
    LUA : SeelingCat
    Unique unit inspired from: Civilization V Superpower Mod
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