1. Jatofi

    Czechoslovakia Civ and Tomas Garrigue Masaryk

    I created this mod based on the First Czechoslovak Republic that existed in the interwar period. Direct download link Czechoslovakia: Trait: Pillar of Democracy Buildings in the Commercial hub yield Production equal to half their intrinsic yield outputs (round down). Buildings in the...
  2. raen

    Manueline Style is NAU! 1.0

    Manuel I for Portugal. UU - Galeao from defending trade mod UB - Mosteiro dos Jerónimos - Unique religious building, Can generate Monge Jerónimo that is missionary alike with healing possibility as Guru. Support: Needs Official Portugal Mod, Portuguese Leaders Assets mod, and Trade Defend Mod
  3. raen

    Bairro Alto is Nau! 1.0

    Bairro Alto was born with all the spices coming with Naus to Lisbon. In-Game all cities can get Bairro Alto now, it replaces neighborhood but only one can be built. But like the real Bairro alto advantages gaining great people of culture. Can only be built on hills like the actual Bairro alto...
  4. raen

    Perfect Prince Is NAU! 1.0

    Adding Joao II to Portugal, the Perfect Prince arrived, is Nau! Joao gets Caravela Latina, and builds Padrao with them but also with Nau. Support: Needs Nautical Science is Nau, Nau is bigger Nau, Leaders assets and Portugal DLC of course. CREDITS @LastSword - João II @Mediocrity - João...
  5. raen

    Lion of The Seas is Nau! v1.0

    Afonso de Albuquerque, Lion of the Seas, adding to Portugal! Nau de Armada and Caravela Redonda as unique units. Support: You have to use the Leaders Assets workshop and also Armadas are Nau! along with this MOD. Seapower here we go :) CREDITS @LastSword - Afonso de Albuquerque @Mediocrity...
  6. Duke William of Normandy

    Which Leader in Civ 6 is the most interesting? (Historically, and in your opinion)

    So, here's a question I'll pose to you: Who is the most interesting Leader in Civ 6? Not the best Leader, not the worst Leader, but the one who made you think, "Hmm... I wonder who this guy was in real life and what he did." Also, I'm back! How's everyone doing? :D
  7. King Phaedron

    Cannot meet Saladin

    Hi, I just liberated the city of Mecca from Greece who had captured it early in the game, but the leader does not show up. Neither does he show up on the next turn either. There appears to be a bug where if you have never met an early game civilization and then liberate them they do not show...
  8. A

    Civ 7 leader idea

    Civilization : Greece Leader : Ioannis Kapodistrias Bio : He was a great leader with economic mind who created schools, universities, a military academy, introduced the potato in greece and also had a strong diplomatic stance. (Keep in mind that all the abilities the district and the unit...
  9. Ares de Borg

    Mexica (Aztec) Army 2021-03-03

    Two different Aztec Army units by ShiroKubbure. Mexica captains and high-ranking units wore various, sometimes enormous, back ornaments made of bark paper, cloth and feathers. They were secured to a cane back-rack which in turn was tied across the chest with leather straps.
  10. T

    [NFP] Tab and Declared Friendship Glitch

    So for the 1st glitch I have had the top left of all the visible currency tabs disappear on me. The whole row of bubbles of Tech, Civics, etc... and the only temporary solution that I have found is to just double click another tab to make them reappear. But I've had this glitch since the...
  11. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] What is the worst looking leader in your opinion?

    I like Civ VI's artstyle, but admit that while it has some smashing successes in certain areas, it could be... "improved" in others. So, let's single out the room for improvement and determine (through utter objectivity and definitely not just pure aesthetic appeal) which is the worst looking...
  12. sylkachan

    Re-upload request : Wu Zetian civ3

    "Please, post your request in Re-Upload request thread in the main Creation and Customization forum. This sub-forum is for ongoing mod projects only. You will have better chances of the request fulfilled, if you post it there. Thank you! I hope you best luck with finding the LH." I am looking...
  13. Tolkien012

    Game gets stuck in leader dialogue screen (

    Not sure how to describe it better but I will try. 1. Every game I've played in the last 3 days (haven't played Civ6 since September) has frozen on me when one of the random leaders of another civilization was prompted to a dialogue. You know how they randomly have something to say...Thing is...
  14. AntSou

    Civ 7 Speculation: Fundamental changes.

    Civ 7 needs to be a significant enough departure from Civ 6 to justify the purchase. Here are some fundamental changes I speculate we'll see: 1. They'll replace the big leaders and complex movements with simplified portraits similar to Civ IV; 2. They'll ditch the millennial Civs/Leaders in...
  15. Zegangani

    Is it possible to grant Agendas with Buildings/Projects...etc via Modifiers?

    Like the Title says, Is it possible to grant a Civ/Leader an Agenda with Buildings/Projects or Policy Cards, while InGame? I mean, they are Modifiers that can be triggered via Buildings and co, so it should be possible, or not?
  16. Zegangani

    Hey! It's called "CIVILIZATION" not "LEADER"!!!

    The Civilization Games (I reffer here only to Civ 5 and Civ VI, because I don't know about the older Versions) are more Leader than Civilization based. I mean sure, all the Civilizations have their unique Traits, but the Gameplay is more based on Leader Traits and especially the Leader...
  17. Morningcalm

    Design your own Civ VI civ

    Please feel free to post your own ideas! We have seen that some civs in Civ V were inspired by civs suggested in the forums (I think in the case of the Polynesians, several ideas which ended up in the game originated in the Civ V 2K forums, for example, if memory serves). Whether they influence...
  18. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Zhu Yuanzhang (Ming Taizu, Hongwu Emperor) 2020-10-09

    Zhu Yuanzhang Ability: Rise of the Peasant Emperor +50% Production towards City Center buildings. Controlling at least 8 Granaries and 8 Ancient Walls (or Urban Defenses) grant 8 Skirmishers, permanent full Loyalty in all cities, and maximum Diplomatic Visibility with every encountered...
  19. Phantagonist

    Phantagonist's Zhao Kuangyin (Song Taizu) 2020-10-09

    Zhao Kuangyin Ability: Harness the Warlords Great Generals cannot be earned. Building an Encampment triggers a culture bomb and grants a free anti-cavalry unit. The city with the Government Plaza gains three unique projects which provide bonuses with respect to policy slots and...
  20. I

    [GS] Great Person (General) is Leader instead of cities

    I was searching around for a Mod that has a Great Person as the leader instead of the city/cities. This Great Person could move around, give bonuses but you could not use any abilities that would delete the unit. Plus if this unit was kill/captured that Civ just lost the game. Other abilities...
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