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Pirate Civilization 2016-10-05

Pirate Civilization

  1. kingchris20
    (Updated July 6, 2013.

    This mod adds the Pirate Civilization to the game! Aye Matey!

    The Pirate leader is Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts, the most successful pirate of all time. His trait is Commandeering, giving bonuses to naval units (+2 movement and Prize Ships promotion for melee naval units). The Pirates start with Sailing technology, and all the land combat units have a 75% chance to "persuade" barbian encampments to join their crew!

    *******Update 7/6 -

    Changed Pirate colors to black/white

    improved icons and other art!

    *******Update 1/26 -

    Only 1 merchant ship at a time per civ is allowed on the map now. Merchant Ship now produces 75 gold +75perERA from trade missions, it is unavailable until Compass has been researched. Compass is in the 3rd era, so beginning gold is 225, and it goes up by 75 each era. Still produces 30 influence per use on city-states.

    *******Update 8/25 -

    Flying Dutchman is now a mass murderer! Combat 100, Ranged Combat 120, and does not upgrade.

    Added the Rum Distillery, which replaces the windmill and gives +2 production, +5% production, and +2 Happiness, but requires an improved source of Sugar.

    *******Update 8/22 -

    Royal Fortune now upgrades to a Battleship instead of a Destroyer

    Added a new "wonder unit" - the Flying Dutchman

    Only one civilization may build the Flying Dutchman, once it is destroyed it is gone for good. Has double the strength of the English Ship of the Line and the Pirate Royal Fortune, 8 movement and 3 range. If someone else builds it, the only way you can obtain it is by capturing it with a unit that has Prize Ships capabilities. The Flying Dutchman may not attack cities or any units on land.

    V2 Update 8/18 -

    Added a navy maintenance bonus and pillaging bonuses for the Pirates! Arghhhhh!

    Bonus Unit - Merchant Ship

    You can find merchant ships hanging out around coastal cities. They are perfect "prey" for the Pirate ships. Merchant ships can conduct trade missions with City-States to gain gold and influence, so capturing an enemy merchant ship will yield you the benefits of conducting trade missions without having to build it yourself!

    Known Issues: Merchant Ships are built by other civilizations, but they simply move them back and forth due to a limitation in the Unit AI, they still make good prey for the Pirates (or whatever civ you happen to be playing as). Also, the "Conduct Trade Mission" text mentions the Great Merchant, although I tried to change the text, it changed it for the Great Merchants as well, so I just left it as it was.

    Black Bart is a pirate, so your standard palace doesn't work for him. Instead he gets Black Bart's Fortune, which provides +4 gold over the standard palace!

    The Pirate Unique Building is the Pirate Tavern, replacing the colosseum, and granting +3 happiness and +3 gold!

    Now, pirates were especially brutal, and most well known, in the Renaissance Era, and this mod does not forget that. As such, the Pirates get 3 unique units during the renaissance era:

    Royal Fortune - replaces the Frigate and is comparable in strength to the English "Ship of the Line". However, Pirates dont need things, they take them, so an additional bonus; the Royal Fortune does not require Iron like the rest of the ships in its class!

    Sloop - replaces the Privateer and is more powerful. Specialized in capturing enemy ships and making them their own! Ahh, the good 'ole Pirate way!

    Swashbuckler - replaces the musketmen and is comparable in strength to the French Musketeer. The French aren't the only ones who slice and bang with the trusty 'ole cutlass and pistol!

    Unique City names that represent the Pirate empire of the late 1600s and early 1700s, and more especially those that Bartholomew Roberts, shall we say "imposed" upon.

    Unique spy names, to honor those pirates of friend and foe, and some fictional popular names!

    Recommend playing on Island maps, but any will do as it is strongly favored for the Pirate Civ to start along ocean tiles

    ***Requires Gods and Kings, for espionage and new units the wonderful expansion provides!***


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