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Quo's Combined Tweaks v7.0.19 BETA

Combines various tweaks from the "Quo's" series into one package.

  1. Quo's Combined Tweaks v3.15.0 BETA - Indonesia and Khmer Fall Patch (Civ Fanatics Edition)

    This beta patch address the 2 new civs released in the Fall DLC. My overall feeling about both of them is they are decent, but not nearly as strong as many of the recent DLC civs or the updated ones in this mod. For that reason, each of them has received some buffs.

    • Indonesia
      • Indonesia now receives a free Settler upon establishing its capital city. Think of this like the bonus AIs get at higher difficulties (removed by this mod), except also available to players.
      • All Indonesian units now totally ignore Zone of Control. This should include naval, land, and religious units.

    • Khmer
      • All Khmer units now disregard penalties from rivers in their movement.
      • The Khmer receive a free Warrior Monk upon completing a Aqueduct, if that city has a religion (I believe the Monk will match the religion of the city and not necessarily be your religion, but I'm not 100% sure on this--if you experience issues please report).
      • Khmer Warrior Monks receive +2 combat strength per Aqueduct you control.
      • Right now there's nothing stopping Khmer from grabbing the Warrior Monk belief as well, and purchased Monks receive the +2 bonus, which may be overpowered. There's a way around I'm exploring, but its complex and not ready as of this patch.
      • The Khmer unique siege unit has +1 movement, to account for the fact that units in this mod already can move and shoot on the same turn.


    Friendship gifts:

    The following unique friendship gifts have been deployed:
    • Indonesia: The friend's units ignore zone of control.
    • Khmer: The friend receives +100% production toward Aqueducts.

    General Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug in the friendship bonuses where England, Germany and Japan reported on-screen that they provided +50% production toward various districts, when the real value was 25% (they now correctly provide a 50% bonus).
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