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Resource Revealing Rework for Vox Populi 3.3

Reworks many of the Ancient Era resources to be unlocked by techs.

  1. v 3.3

    Fixed file naming issue that prevented oil & aluminum tweaks and the India tweak from activating.
  2. Resource Reveal Rework for VP v 3.2

    v3.2 is live!
    • Updated mod title to show up correctly in-game
    • All resource yields now same as in VP
    • All ancient era tech placement now the same as in VP (except for the 4 new ones)
    • Agronomy (was Agriculture) now 1 of 4 pre-ancient era researchable techs (along with Adaptation, Spirituality and Commodities) - see below
    • All 4 techs now flow into all other techs nicely so that you can't have knowledge of a tile improvement without first having discovered all appropriate...
  3. RRR V3.1

    --Renamed Luxuries into Commodities,
    --Renamed Acclimatization into Adaptation,
    --Wheat now unlockable by Pottery,
    --Updated early resource yield balance to match with latest VP (coral, incense),
    --Balance Progress culture from tech to counteract the new techs (10 per already known and 10 for each new) - culture gain in the ancient era should be roughly the same as in VP now,
    --India now also starts with Agronomy (the tech that only unlocks luxuries),
    --Compatibility with MUCfVP and PAD's...
  4. RRR V3.0

    • Every resource in the game except Wheat is now unlockable with techs. We did it!
    • Reworked column 0 of the Ancient Era, it now holds 3 new techs:
      • Spirituality. Unlocks tobacco, incense, wine, pearls, coral.
        All of these can provide faith either via monopolies or improvement yields (coral). This implies possible planning in advance of the religion game and, therefore, can bear significant influence on decision making. It's crucial to know when you've been...
  5. v2.1

    Spoiler v2.1 :

    • India now starts Advanced Resource Gathering - this should help India's free pantheon be a little less restricted now.
    • Electricity swapped with Corporations, Ballistics swapped with Flight - this should make building Light Tanks, Bombers and Triplanes easier, as oil and aluminum now unlock just before these units.
    Both these changes are in their separate files and can be easily deleted if you want to disable them specifically.