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Resources Expanded 2016-10-05

Resources Expanded

  1. FramedArchitect
    Resources Expanded
    Adds four map-based resources that will be automatically distributed on any random map type. Also adds buildings that produce three additional luxury resources.

    *Coffee Trees Bonus Resource, only found near the equator.
    *Olives Bonus Resource, found in arid regions; improved by plantations.
    *Platinum Bonus Resource, found on hills after discovering Metallurgy.
    *Timber Strategic Resource, found on forests and jungles; improved by lumbermills. Required to build Trebuchet and Galleass units.

    Buildings that produce resources:
    *Olive Press Uses Olives to produce Olive Oil Luxury resource
    *Roasting Plant Uses Coffee Trees to produce Coffee Luxury resource
    *Jeweler Uses Platinum or Gems to produce Jewelry Luxury resource (no longer exclusive to CityStates!)
    *Arsenal Requires Timber, but produces Coal
    *Austria New Unique Building, the Kaffeehaus, replaces the Roasting Plant (instead of Windmill).

    * GnK and/or BNW
    * Any map script (will not work with WB maps)


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