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Latest Reviews

  1. JBryan314
  2. NewYorkValues
    Version: 1.0
    This is written by a poster who loves hammers a little too much! This has served me well, and I consult with it frequently
  3. Bagdemagus
    Version: 2.0
    It just looks amazing
  4. GabrielFM07
    Version: V27.50Beta
    There are no words to describe the coolness of this mod, reviving Viriatus's campaing in defense of celtiberia against the romans as Lusitani is just... there are no words to describe. So far I have only tried out the Lusitani and I can't complain, its being a blast.
    Playing this mod again after 4 years brings back memories, I remember playing a mirror map-match as João II back then where I became so rich for trading with city-states since classical that by renaissance I simply bought-spamed "Caravelas" and threw them blindly into all the other civs and won the DomVic, it was the most fun I EVER had in civ6.
    I'm currently playing as the Lusitani in YNAMP Large Europe alongside with Sukritact's Gauls and its amazing how the two of them naturally love each other (taking that you play as a historically {and agenda-wise} accurate Lusitani) and its fun as hell to join forces with Vercingetorix to keep the Celtic lands uninvaded (helped him retake his capital twice just to keep the romans from expanding/growing and turning towards me, 5head move). I still have to play as João II again and relive the memories but I had to come here and share my thoughts, this mod is awesome... can't recommend it enough.
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your nice extensive feedback and very glad you like it., Lusitani are really the top of the cake, when it came to mind I rushed to do it. Also have few words to describe what happened along four years, but check out new ship´s graphics (from civ5), specially Caravela Latina and Nau. And since Pastor Lusitano belongs to Lusitani, Portugal will get only one at the start game. Your post is a boost to continue with the mod. Best regards :)
  5. Kathy
    Version: 2020-05-18
    Yes, that is awesome. Thanks for doing it.
  6. Asterix Rage
    Asterix Rage
    Version: v1.29beta45
    On the Vox Populi planet, EUI is a VIM - Very Important Mod.
    With sport cars, jets and many castels every where.
  7. Kendon
  8. Asterix Rage
    Asterix Rage
    Version: v2
    Impressive and immersive. Thank you
  9. ryanmusante
    Version: 1.1
    Marty McFly would love this!
  10. Jeb_CC
    Version: v1.29beta44
    Looks awesome but the newest version v1.29beta44 is not compatible with the general quality of life modpack anymore: https://www.reddit.com/r/civ/comments/338v5k/bnw_quality_of_life_modpack_v5/
    Units are not able to be moved at all. Neither through clicking nor selecting M to move.
    I trialled it down to an incompatibility between the two InGame.lua files between the modpack and this DLC but I don't know enough about lua to fix it myself. However version v1.28 works fine.
  11. PabloX
    Version: 2020-05-01
    Very interesting unit, great work & waiting for more ;) cheers
  12. pawel0482
    Version: 2.0
    Great japanese unit, can't wait for more, again great work ;)
    1. Matsuda123
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I couldn't have done it without MightyToad. :) You'll surely see more soon. Look for the European Pot de Fer coming soon.
  13. jplay51
  14. PabloX
    Version: 2020-04-27
    Yesssss :) great work, can't wait for more fantastic units ;) cheers
  15. ramzay1945
  16. Matsuda123
    Version: 2020-04-27
    Finally a proper Dromon. :) Love it.
    Version: 1.5.1
    ... в Real Strategy противники покупают редкие ресурсы слишком дорого и легко выиграть когда у тебя их много !!! в оригинальной версии максимум за 13 золота берут (измени если можешь и игра станет лучше)
  18. roycc
    Version: 2020-02-15
    Mexico still occupies far too much territory in north america. And there's nowhere to build the golden gate bridge! But overall great update