Rush's Unit Class Rebalance

Rush's Unit Class Rebalance 1.0

This mod re balances all the land and naval units in the game. Here's what I wanted to fix:

1) Give each unit class a unique role in war, with clearly defined strengths and weaknesses
2) Ensure tech advancement is correctly balanced and doesn't lead to units that are too strong or weak for their era
3) Tweak each unit's combat values and costs to be more fair and encourage unit diversity when building an army
4) Lower the importance of strategic resources so a player doesn't get screwed if he/she lacks a critical resource by bad luck

All resulting unit changes are here:
Other Changes:
- All Light and Heavy Cavalry now get +5 combat strength when attacking Ranged units.
- All units that require a strategic resource can still be built if you don't have that resource, but they will get a -3 combat strength penalty. Credit to Novemberisms on Reddit for this idea.

Installation: extract the zip folder into Documents / My Games / Civilization VI / Mods


SO. Why these changes? First lets go over the general idea of what each unit class is and what they counter.

Melee Class

The most all-around balanced units in the game. Their biggest strength is that they don't have a specific weakness to exploit. They also get +10 strength when fighting anti-cavalry (roughly equivalent to +100% strength in Civ V!). If you want to get a big tech lead and then crush your neighbor by spamming a single type of unit, use these. They are also good a holding ground against invaders, since there's no unit counter to force them to move or die. However, this class is slow and generally a little weaker than other classes, making them hard to use aggressively without other advantages.

Anti-Cavalry Class

Hardier than melee units and have a +10 strength bonus vs cavalry. Many AI civs love to spam cavalry so these are incredibly useful to crush their army and protect your vulnerable units from terrible horsey death. However, they lose to melee units in direct combat.

Cavalry Class
Strong and fast, these are highly mobile and aggressive and can quickly and efficiently clear out weaker defenders. Their high mobility makes ideal for flanking and pillaging. They are especially effective at attacking ranged units that are unprotected. However, beware of anti-cavalry units as it only takes a few hits to die from that class.

Ranged Class
Overall very effective when they are safe and well-protected enough to continually attack the enemy. Over time, enough of them can whittle away any entrenched defense the enemy has. However, if the enemy fires back or gets in melee range, these will quickly die. They are especially vulnerable to a coordinated cavalry charge.

To see how this would all work in a real game, lets look at the Classical and Medieval units as an example.

Pikemen are the unit to beat in these eras. They cost less and have +11 strength, the biggest combat buff I gave to any unit! However Crossbows are also much stronger than before, and with the right terrain and decent protection from Swordsmen or Pikemen, the pikes can be defeated by an endless rain of crossbow bolts. (Note that you will always have the option of building Swordsmen since you don't necessarily need Iron to make them!) There's also the looming threat of the next era bringing strength 57 Musketmen who will completely decimate any Pikemen who dare stand in front of them. Of course, Horsemen are still a threat to the Crossbows, and Knights combine speed with enough strength to defeat anything but a Pikeman. No single unit type is strong enough to defeat anything here; the best way to win a war in these times is to build all different kinds of units and use them tactically, trying to match them up against the unit classes they are strong against.

This sort of rock/paper/scissors war has the potential to fall apart to strategic resource limitations. Imagine trying to barely hold on vs an overwhelming force of Pikemen, and you finally reserch gunpowder tech to save yourself with the power of muskets... only to discover you have NO NITER! And then you die. So to fix that, you can build any unit you want to, regardless of resources. However, they get a -3 strength penalty if you don't have the resource they need, so they are still somewhat strategically important.

Finally, many units in early eras are stronger than before. I wanted to more highly incentivize getting some military techs in those eras, since right now it's really too easy to just beeline Currency and Apprenticeship and just defend with a bunch of warriors and archers. With Spearmen, Chariots, Swordsman, and Horseman all with strength increases, there's a much higher chance you will pay dearly for playing so greedily with your tech path!

Try this mod and tell me what you think. Everything here is by no means final, and I'm glad to take any input (especially if something is broken and I need to fix it). Enjoy!
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