1. V

    Is there any practical reason to NOT attack a civ that's pleased with you?

    I spawned on what appears to be an archipelago map. I began on a small island chain with two other civs. I took out one already, who was already annoyed with me and clearly didn't pose a threat. Now the archipelago is divided between me and the remaining civ. From everything I can gather, I can...
  2. Birdjaguar

    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine: War News Thread: Round 6

    Biden plans to visit Poland for the anniversary of the start of the war. The president will be in the region for three days, but the White House did not say if he would make a trip into Ukraine. WASHINGTON — President Biden will visit Poland later this month for the one-year anniversary of...
  3. S

    Custom leader no peace once war declared

    Hello Civfanatics, Would it be possible to make my custom civ leader not to be able to make peace at all once war is declared either way? I am trying to achieve what the forever war mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402754200 does, but just for my civ leader, perhaps...
  4. Solidirio

    Proposal: Nationalities and Migrations

    Hi, first of all this is my first post in this awesome community, and im here since the amount of people who still create stuff for this game is trully amazing - :c5capital: Basically something like what was done in the Cultural Diffusion mod, by giving the citizens of each city a nationality...
  5. Birdjaguar

    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine--Act 3: Ride of the Valkyries

    And we are back. Please keep all of these in mind when you post: War news and events No personal attacks Civil discussion Respect for different opinions Ignore sidebar discussions Don't refight pre invasion battles Thank you all for keeping this important and difficult topic going reasonably...
  6. Birdjaguar

    Russia's Future

    This is a speculation thread on what Russia's future might look like across the spectrum of arenas that might include: As part of the international community Militarily Economically Politically As a place to live As Climate changes As the war winds down and the rest of the world assesses its...
  7. T

    Change the value of the unit if you have been declared at war

    I want to add a unit for my civilization that will cost 60% less production if you are at war. I already have a unit template: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <GameInfo> <Types> <!-- Melee--> <Row Type="UNIT_TERDEF" Kind="KIND_UNIT"/> </Types> <UnitAiInfos>...
  8. Arakhor

    [RD] Russia invades Ukraine: Part II

    This is the new thread for the Russia-Ukraine war. This is an RD thread, with the expected behaviour requirements. If we have to infract anybody else, it will come with lengthy thread-bans. Do not start any other Russia-Ukraine threads either. In short - if you're going to discuss the war...
  9. Das Capitolin

    Warmonger Nuclear Domination 2.02

    "War does not determine who is right - only who is left." - Anonymous This module combines my favorites: Nuke Happy Warmongers, Disable Holy Site, Disable Rock Bands, Disable Space Race, and Balanced Religious Settlements Pantheon. In this mod, all leaders are nuke-happy warmongers fighting...
  10. CppMaster

    Defensive Pacts don't impact making peace

    I've declared a war against Ottoman that had a defensive pact with Zulu, so I were warring both of them. However, after some time I made peace with Zulu and focused only on Ottomans, despite the fact that they still had a defensive pact. It's pretty weird to me, but maybe it's indented? Discuss.
  11. Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Coming Soon...
  12. DrCron

    Is it worth it to upgrade archers to crossbows?

    So far I'd say no, I can hardly ever attack with crossbows due to their completely ridiculous range. Has anyone had a battle in which it was clearly better having crossbows than it would have been having less damage but a decent range?
  13. King Phaedron

    Cannot meet Saladin

    Hi, I just liberated the city of Mecca from Greece who had captured it early in the game, but the leader does not show up. Neither does he show up on the next turn either. There appears to be a bug where if you have never met an early game civilization and then liberate them they do not show...
  14. Hinin

    Poll - Create a delay between a DoW and Peace against a City-State

    Hello everyone, As you know, in the current City-State diplomacy system, it is possible to declare war on a City-State and impose peace in the same turn (the City-State has no say in the matter). This has created a lot of exploits where players can declare war, kill specific units, and then...
  15. D

    Sudden gang-up from Hell

    So, I'm tucked away in my own little corner of the world, having a nice little war with some Heathens... and then FIVE of the remaining seven AI civs declare war on me on the same turn. No vassals; five separate civs. Never seen that many at one time before. What really chaps my ass is that...
  16. qwerty4429

    Help n00b

    Hello! New forum member here. I enjoy vox populi, and I think have played around 200hrs already. However, I have no slightest clue how to play on immortal\deity. On emperor, game is quite easy, where I chill or early war, and then have powerspike in medieval where I just vassalize nearest...
  17. Maat

    Grievance help

    Everyone hates and denounces I’m at war with 3 civs, 2 of which haven’t made a move against me. They hate me because I’m attacking Canada to stop them from getting a science victory. What should I do?
  18. T

    [NFP] Tab and Declared Friendship Glitch

    So for the 1st glitch I have had the top left of all the visible currency tabs disappear on me. The whole row of bubbles of Tech, Civics, etc... and the only temporary solution that I have found is to just double click another tab to make them reappear. But I've had this glitch since the...
  19. Deliverator

    Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch Version 5.7

    To celebrate the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, this patch adds content from the new movie to Dune Wars: Revival 1.10. The patch has evolved into a modmodmod with a number of gameplay changes in addition to new artwork. Presenting the Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch...
  20. M

    Is it normal the AI will never EVER declare war?

    So have I got something wrong or will the AI never declare war on me? I’ve even tested it playing on emperor and not building any army. Doing everything I can to annoy the AI and still no one will declare war on me.
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