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SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. SMAN's World at War

    Summary of Changes (V5, Hotfix 3): This hotfix was primarily a “harmonization” of various settings between this mod and the Unique Units, WW2 Civ Pack, and WW2 Scenario On Any Map mods. Cleaning up unit definitions and other technical issues which sometimes caused odd behavior in various mod combinations (e.g. if Main WAW and the WW2 Civ Pack were enabled, aircraft units from the Civ Pack mod could not attack cities. Playing the Civ Pack alone, they could.)....
  2. SMAN's The World at War

    Changes Summary for V4:

    - Removed the "Commerce" requirement from the Freight Depot
    - Added counter-espionage capabilities to many normal and WAW buildings. Remember that Constabulary and Police Stations reduce enemy spy stealing rate by 25%, respectively. The numbers in parenthesis show how much these buildings do the same: Barracks (3), Walls (3), Castle (3), Armory (3), Arsenal (3), Mil Academy (3), Mil Base (3). These WAW buildings now also have...
  3. SMAN's The World at War

    Version 3 Fixes/Adjustments:

    - Fixed the Tech Tree Scrolling problem - Changed Combat Medic promotion to a custom, and removed all references to Terrace Farms
    - Added the 'Dive Bomber' unit (WW2 fighter that specializes in attacking land units)
    - Made adjustments to the main WAW mod to accommodate changes in the "Irregular Units", "Modern Terrain Improvements", "Unique Units" companion mods
    - Added more prereq techs – giving more vertical bars – slows down beelining
    - Fixed...
  4. SMAN's The World at War

    Summary of Changes (V2)

    - Added the x32 sized Icon files
    - Removed the flag in the Transparent Aluminum Civilopedia entry so it no longer suggests the Resource can be found in Hill tiles.
    - Changed the text key for the "Bribe" promotion for land units that now says, "Capture Chance if Defeated: XX%"
    - Changed the AI settings for two keys: OPINION_WEIGHT_MINOR_CIV_NONE and OPINION_WEIGHT_WONDER_NONE. Set the values to 0. Previously, if you weren't competing...