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South American City-States 1.1

Spice up your City-States action with 10 South American City-States!

  1. kantorr
    Spice up your City-States action with 10 South American City-States! These City-States will appear randomly in all game modes. Check the spoilers below for details on the new content or find them yourself in-game.

    This mod is in its initial release. Please report any crashes/bugs/misbehaviors in the comments or preferrably a message on Reddit. Also feel free, nay, obligated to leave your suggestions for current or future content.

    This mod is also available on Civfanatics for those of you who wish to peruse it easier.

    You will notice in the current state of the mod there are no custom icons for the City-States. Modders, I would greatly appreciate any help figuring out how to add icons.

    Spoiler :
    Bogot√°, Colombia| Militaristic | -50% overall war weariness.
    Cayenne, French Guiana | Scientific | +1 Science from Rainforests. +5 Production from Spaceports. Cities with Spaceports receive +15% growth.
    Cusco, Peru | Religious | +1 Faith adjacency to hills for Holy Sites.
    Georgetown, Guyana | Trade | +1 Gold to all mines.
    La Paz, Bolivia | Religious | +15 Religious Strength to all religious units.
    Lima, Peru | Cultural | +25% Tourism from Great Writings, +50% from Great Art, Great Music, and Artifacts.
    Mendoza, Argentina | Cultural | +2 Wine Resources. (This is due for a change at some point)
    Montevideo, Uruguay | Trade | Your trade routes provide +2 Gold per Commercial Hub building in your city.
    Paramaribo, Suriname | Industrial | Other civilizations' Trade Routes to you provide +2 Gold and +1 Science for them and +3 Production and +1 Food for you.
    Santiago, Chile | Trade | +50% Gold yield from Commercial Hub buildings.

Recent Updates

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