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Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion 1.87

Adds 11 new Global Units to Civilization 6

  1. Deliverator
    This mod adds 11 new Global Units to Civilization 6. The new units are: Longswordsman, Trebuchet, Explorer, (medieval) Horseman, Rifleman, Gatling Gun, Cuirassier, Mortar, Self Propelled Artillery, Cog and Galleass.


    Here's how the additional Global Units fit into the upgrade paths:

    ... -> Swordsman -> Longswordsman* -> Musketman -> Rifleman* -> Infantry

    Heavy Cavalry:
    ... -> Knight -> Cuirassier* -> Tank

    Light Cavalry:
    Rider (renamed Horseman) -> Horseman* -> Cavalry

    Ranged (Regular):
    ... -> Field Cannon -> Mortar* -> Rocket Launcher

    Ranged (Automatic Guns, +8 combat bonus vs Melee, Anti Cavalry and Light Cavalry, exert Zone of Control):
    Gatling Gun* -> Machine Gun

    Catapult -> Trebuchet* -> Bombard -> Artillery -> Self Propelled Artillery*

    Scout -> Explorer* -> Ranger

    Naval Melee:
    Galley -> Cog* -> Caravel

    Naval Ranged:
    Quadrireme -> Galleass* -> Frigate

    Unique Unit Changes:
    * Conquistador -> Rifleman (other religion combat bonus reduced by 1 to +9)
    * Mamluk -> Cuirassier
    * Legion -> Longswordsman
    * Shield Bearer -> Longswordsman
    * War Cart -> Knight
    * War Cart replaces Heavy Chariot.
    * Legion changed to 41 combat strength.
    * Cost of Knight, Mamluk increased to 200.
    * Samurai replaces Longswordsman.
    * Khevsur now replaces Longswordsman.
    * Pikeman strength increased to 45, cost decreased to 160.
    * Okihtcitaw upgrades to Explorer.
    * Hwacha upgrades to Mortar.
    * Khmer Domrey replaces Trebuchet.
    * Macedon Hypaspist and Persian Immortal upgrade to Longswordsman.

    Other Changes:
    * Anti Cavalry units now have +20 combat bonus vs Heavy Cavalry & +15 vs Light Cavalry
    * Naturalist Base Sight Range set to 2.

    Differences from Moar Units Core Only:
    * Sniper, Modern Sniper and Recon units dropped.
    * Gatling Gun and Machine Gun are both Ranged units, but with additional +8 combat bonus vs Melee, Anti Cavalry and Light Cavalry.
    * No changes to Recon promotion tree.

    Moar Units has proved very popular (75,000+ active subscriptions!). However a significant issue with it is that it is effectively two mods rolled into one:
    1) A mod that adds additional Global Units.
    2) A mod that adds another 2 Unique Units to (some) Civilizations.

    Steel & Thunder: Unit Expansion is a revised version of (1), splitting out this component of Moar into its own standalone mod.

    If anyone wants to reuse any of the Unit art from Moar it is all available here:

    This mod is meant to be used INSTEAD of Moar Units not with it!

    Thanks to the following contributors:
    Icon Art: ChimpanG, janboruta
    3D Art: Hizkiyahu (aka Wolfdog)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Exletrum
    Version: v1.83b
    Tanks always good!
  2. Shiroifushicho
    Version: 1.62
    Excellent mod, i like it better than moar units, because like it's less messy and like creator say only touch to common units. Nice work !!! Really !
  3. NameArleadyUsed
    Version: 1.4
    Greatly fills in vanilla gaps in unit distribution.
  4. Buni0ns
    Version: 1.2
    Adds needed units without bloat, solid addition to the game. Highly recommended!