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Gilgamesh's bonus to alliances is cumbersome. You need other civs to agree with you and they have to be close to your location so that you can enjoy the benefits. But if you attack with War-carts, the other civs will hate you anyway. After War-Carts retire, Gilgamesh is basically a leader without any abilities.

So here's my attempt at reworking Sumeria.


1. Gilgamesh and Heroes mode Gilgamesh changes

a. Removed all abilities that rely on alliances.

- They're too clunky. I never got to use them in all of my games.

b. Added +50% Influence to get more envoys.

- Hungary and Varangian Harald both get bonuses to levying but Sumeria doesn't have any aside from the discounted levying cost. This change lets Sumeria get more suzerained City-states. It also gets better as the game progresses once War-carts outlive their usefulness.

c. +1 Movement to non-combat units.

- Taken from Gran Colombia

d. Eurekas give 10% more science

- Taken from Babylon.

2. War-Cart changes

a. War-Cart is now classified as Heavy Cavalry.

- Firaxis didn't classify them as Heavy Cavalry so that they are immune to Anti-Cavalry bonuses. However, this introduces problems because a lot of abilities are looking for the unit's class but War-cart doesn't belong to a proper one. Examples of abilities not working with War-Carts are Matterhorn and Twilight Valor. This change is to ensure that War-Cart's don't miss out on abilities.

b. War-Cart replaces Heavy Chariot

- There is literally no reason to produce a Heavy Chariot when you have War-Carts. It annoys me when city-states ask for a Heavy Chariot when I play as Sumeria.

c. War-Cart gets combat strength bonus when fighting against Anti-Cavalry and Sabum Kibittum

- As a Heavy Cavalry unit, they are now vulnerable to Anti-Cavalry. Adding a combat bonus to War-Carts cancels out this vulnerability making it function as before.

*** In my other mod, Tile Improvement tweaks, Ziggurat provides +1 Science on Education technology

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