Warrior Monk bug fixes

Warrior Monk bug fixes

Warrior Monks are missing a lot of abilities. It seems like Firaxis forgot that they exist.


1. Warrior Monks are affected by Great Generals of any era, similar to Nihangs, Vampires and Questing Knights.

2. Added a lot of missing abilities to Warrior Monks.

a. Civilizations
- Mapuche
- Maori
- Maya

b. Leaders
- Hojo Tokimune
- Montezuma
- Philip II
- Barbarossa
- Roosevelt (Rough Rider)
- Tomyris
- Gorgo
- Ambiorix
- Matthias Corvinus

c. Policies
- Fascism
- Communism
- Twilight Valor
- Finest Hour
- Digital Democracy
- Global Coalition
- Cyber Warfare

d. Wonders
- Great Lighthouse
- Matterhorn

e. Great Generals
- Georgy Zhukov
- John Monash
- Vijaya Wimalaratne
- Timur
- Santiago Mariño

3. Bug fix. Added Inquisitors and Support units to Great Lighthouse wonder.

4. Bug fix. Added missing Land civilian tag to Great Prophets and Great Engineers.
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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    Added Support units to Great Lighthouse
  2. Added Inquisitor bug fix

    Added Inquisitor to Great Lighthouse.
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