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The Playground Mod

The Playground Mod 3.0 3.0.0


Dec 8, 2003
Dimension called Elsewhere
Grade school was a simpler time. There was no need to panic about bills, unemployment, or the inevitable nuclear apocalypse. It was a time when your largest concerns were getting through math class alive, not missing your bus, and seizing control of your enemy's capital so you can use its strategic location to gain a monopoly over the trade in the region.

But in spite of the idyllic appearance, the Playground is a harsh place, where children battle each other for dominance. What begins as a small dispute over control of certain parts of the Playground escalates into years of massive wars, which shake the very foundations of the School. Soon, child is fighting against child, giant death robots battle Godzilla, and tanks are rolling across the soccer fields. In the end, there is only one goal in the mind of all who attend the School: The complete conquest and subjugation of all other students.


For those unfamiliar with the Playground Mod, it is a mod based on the playground wars which happened at The Omega's school, from 2nd to 7th grade. However, it is not the most realistic depiction of those wars; since a mod about small kids running around a tiny playground hitting each other would likely not be the most entertaining of mods, instead it is based it off how the participants imagined the wars to be happening. Which means sword fights, nuclear weapons, zombies, and all sorts of other epic things to be found in the imagination of a child. This mod is also a product of its time, as popular culture of its time had a dramatic effect on the course of the playground wars.

The Playground Mod 3.0 is the sequel to the first two Playground Mods, with everything further rebalanced after over 500 hours of in game testing, and many hundreds more working on and implementing changes over the past year to refine it and eliminate bugs. Many aspects of the game were expanded, with a total of 43 new units, 2 new governments, 4 new resources, and 12 new Improvements and Wonders. These were not thrown together for the sake of having a bigger number; they were added in such a way that each of the 14 civs plays in a unique way.

In addition to the elements from The Omega's school, we have included two civilizations from other civfanatics members' wars: Hooray's Chase, and Hikaro Takayama's Lego Republic.

For the full Playground Mod experience, we recommend that you play with Tutorial Mode on

The Playground Mod 3.0 is for Civilization 3: Conquests/Complete.

To install, click on the link below, download the mod, and then extract all files to your Conquests/Scenarios folder.

If you are running on the CD version of Civilization 3, you will need to rename the provided labels_CD_Version.txt to labels.txt, and replace the original labels.txt, as that one was compiled with the Steam version in mind.

This mod is the work of work ranging from July 31, 2005 to June 30th, 2017. It would have never been possible without the hard work and dedication of many people, including, but not limited to:

Modding Team:
The Omega

Units Graphics Design:
Hikaro Takayama
Kindred 72
Lab Monkey
Navy Dawg
ruby sauce
Dom Pedro II

Terrain Graphics Design:
Tzar Sasha
Spacer One
Dark Sheer

Other Graphics Design:
The Last Conformist
Varlin Saliptor
The Last Conformist
Luddi VII
Lord Malbeth
Hikaro Takayama
Deth McBones
Blue Monkey

Beta Testers:
Weasel Op
Spacer One (Rest in peace...)
The Last Conformist

Others who helped:

Download may be found here:
= https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/the-playground-mod.26277/ =
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Change list between 2.0 and 3.0:
Spoiler :

*Combined Forces: Add ability to shoot down nukes. Make it more useful in non-diplo victory games.
*Removed a few late game improvements
*Modified Ginormously Thick Walls to only give walls on every city on same continent continent, rather than Fortress Walls
*Modified Great Pyramid to be Senso's Unique Small Wonder. It acts as a spy agency that is cheaper, and provides a defensive bonus.
*Updated building icons for the graduation race.
*Added 6 Monopoly improvements for Oligarchy, one for each luxury the boys have access to, except for money. Who has a money monopoly, really?
*Office Max does not require money anymore, but now has a maintenence of 10 gpt, 100% prod bonus, down from 150%
*Fixed Special Access to Library. Now correctly is able to be built after 5 Library cards are built.
*Updated Great Wonders a little bit to better trigger golden ages for civs
*Added Grand Warf: Basically the old Boy Docks, but in great wonder form. AKA, Water-Petra. Requires 5 harbors
*Added Naval Tradition: +1 naval movement, requires elite ships
*Boy Docks only give extra shields, rather than food, commerce, and shields
*LEGO Workshop needs LEGOs, gives 100% prod boost, up from 75%
*Added Playground Olympics (Triggers golden age, 2 happy citizens in all cities, +1 gold in each gold producing tile, 6 culture)
*Changed SATL to require QUEST instead of Library books.
*2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th capital fortress allows veteran land units
*Secondary Capital fortress now produces 1 culture (to match palace)
*5th Capital Fortress allows spies
*The Crackdown GW added (gives Staff Golden Age, and some culture)

Office Max moved to Naval Operations

Culture changes (to make it possible for a one city cultural victory):
Comic Book: 3 (up from 2)
Text Book: 2 (down from 3)
Comic Book Collection: 4 (up from 3)
Pokemon Card: 4 (up from 2, but also temporary because it goes obsolete somewhat quickly)
Class Notes: 2 (up from 1)
Yu-Gi-Oh Card: 2 (up from 1)
War Stories: 6 (up from 4)
Military Academy: 2 (up from 1)
Superior Tactics: 2 (up from 1)
Summer School: 2 (up from 1)
Imagination Proliferation: 1
Ginormously Thick Walls: 4 (up from 2)
Art of War: 2 (up from 1)
Completed Comic Book Collection: 8 (up from 6)
Toy Store: 6 (up from 2)
Mini TV Set: 12 (up from 6)
Public Works: 8 (up from 4)
N64: 6 (up from 4)

Decreased spawn times of late game improvements/wonders to increase their utility
*Vassal State: 4 turns
*Freak Attack Cell: 5 turns
*Resistance: 5 turns
*Oath of Loyalty: 4 turns
*Rebellion: 6 turns
*The Omegian Army: 7 turns
*Mercenary Liason Office: 6 turns
*Freedom Fighter Training Camp: 6 turns
*Infinity Tower: 15 turns
*English/History/Math/Science passed costs the same, and Radically dropped costs because they are limited to being built at Summer School

Spoiler :

New Units:
*Foreign Legion
*Mobile Missile Platform
*Freak Repeater
*Boy Crossbowman
*Siege Mercenary
*Mercenary Captain
*Death Strike Shock Trooper
*Starship Captain
*Attack Drone
*Light Cavalry
*Hellfire Dragon
*Wicker Man
*Burning Man
*Girl Zweihander
*Forestman Ranger
*Chasing Conscripts
*Chasing Commando
*LEGO Lion Crusader
*LEGO Royal Knight
*War Canoe
*Star Destroyer
*Citadel Sea Dragon
*Serpent Convoy
*Rebel Transport
*Serpent Turtle
*Dragon Turtle
*TIE Fighter
*TIE Bomber
*Lambda Shuttle

*Skeleton Archer now has defensive bombard
*Girl Sharpshooter now has defensive bombard
*Chase Rifleman now has defensive bombard
*Chase Gunner now has defensive bombard
*Reduced prospector to 125% bonus, down from 150%
*Nerfed LEGO cannon RoF from 5 to 4
*Nerfed Jet Fighter attack and defense to 12 from 20, and its operational range to 15
*Buffed Police Anti-Air from 10 to 20
*Fixed bug where Student teacher could not teleport to Teacher Infantry and Teacher HMG
*Fixed bug where Space Cruiser could not teleport to Space Marine
*Buffed Fire Guard's defensive bombard from 1 to 5
*Buffed Flamethrower's defensive bombard from 4 to 7, lowered ROF from 2 to 1
*Buffed Bounty Hunter's Defensive bombard from 2 to 5, lowered ROF from 2 to 1
*Buffed Forestman Archer's Bombard Strength to 6 from 3, Decreased RoF from 2 to 1
*Buffed Night Archer ROF to 2 from 0
*Updated AAVs and HS units
*Freak Rebel to match Elite Freak Master Phase 1s in stats
*Restatted Girl Trooper: 4/4/1, 45 shields
*Nerfed Cootie Carrier by decreasing range by 1.
*Remove AA Defense for Forestman archers
*Cootie Carrier and Cootie bomb changed upgrade path to the Anti-Air. Now that Girl longbow uses resources, they don't properly become obsolete at 5th grade.
*Gave teacher units (Infantry, Marine, Paratrooper, Rocket, Machinegun) collateral damage. *Removed Collateral damage from a few random units. Such as, Horse Archer, Fire Salamander, Soccer Raider
*Fighters: Doubled range (to 12 from 6), can now detect invisible, 40 shields (down from 80)
*Teacher Fighters: Doubled range (to 20 from 10), can now detect invisible,
*Bombers: 150 shields (up from 100)
*Teacher blimp: Added stealth
*Teacher bomber: Added stealth
*Jet Fighters: Increased range (to 16 from 15), Decreased bombard (to 15, from 20)
*Bombers: Reduced the ROF to 4, from 5.
*LEGO Pirate and LEGO Pirate Captain now their own unit lines
*Tomboy is now 70 8/10/1 (from 70 10/8/1) (also now draftable, and upgrades to LEGO Lion Crusader)
*LEGO Pirate is now 80 12/6/2 (from 80 15/10/2)
*LEGO Pirate Captain is now 100 16/8/2 (from 21/14/2
*LEGO Knight is now 100 16/8/3 (from 100 18/9/3)
*Forestman Archer is now 70 10/8/1 (from 70 8/10/1) (no longer draftable)
*Forestman Ranger is now 90 18/12/2 (from 90 12/18/2) (no longer draftable, now ignores movement cost for forest+Jungles)
*Musketeer is now 65 8/6/1 (from 65 8/8/1) (no longer draftable)
*Gunship is now a bomber, and renamed to "Armored Gunship" 120 0/8/1 +2 HP, 18 bombard, 3 ROF, Direct upgrade of the bomber unique to Chase, slightly better bombard (20 instead of 18), extra HP, equal defense to the Figher's attack, requires Parts
*Chase now gets Paradrop Planes
*Chase-1 no longer has ATAR and Blitz, now ignore all movement costs
*Chase-2 no longer has ATAR, now ignore all movement costs
*Chase-3 no longer has ATAR, now ignore all movement costs
*Removed city joining ability to Mobile Cities and Mobile Fortresses, as it ruins shortcuts.
Ghost now requires Obsidian as well, cost increased to 150 from 120, and Blitz removed
*Chasing Conscript movement reduced to 2 from 3
*Chasing Knight changed to 70 8/1/2, added All Terrain as Road, removed blitz, upgrades to Chasing Conscript
*Chasing Musketeer buffed to 45 2/5/2, up from 45 1/5/2
*Chasing Warrior now upgrades to Chasing Eagle Spearman
*Chasing Eagle Spearman buffed to 55 3/6/2, up from 55 2/6/2
*Chasing Archer now has Lethal land/sea bombard
*Vuldacon's The King animations added for January 8th events
*Remove road building ability of Freak Knights
*Added War Canoe for the Barbarians 100 1/1/4 2 transport capacity
*Longship no longer upgrades to Pirate Ship
*Long Axeman no longer upgrades to Pirate
*Pirate no longer has draft
*Decrease cost of Swordsman to 20 shields
*Decrease cost Berserkers to 30 shields
*Decrease cost of Long Axemen to 50 shields, give them Amphibious
*Kindergarteners now require Mercenaries
*Soccer Raider no longer upgrades to Pirate
*Boy Destroyer nerfed from 20/10/2 to 16/8/2
*Boy Battleship now 70 shields (down from 100)
*Battleship now 60 shields (down from 80)
*Destroyer now 40 shields (down from 60)
*Giant Octopus now 30 shields (down from 40)
*Ghost Ship now 50 shields (down from 60)
*Longship now 70 shields (down from 80)
*Transport movement reduced to 5 (from 6)
*Teacher's Pet is now 5/5/1 50 shields (from 10/10/1 90 shields)
*Hall Monitor is now 9/9/1 70 shields (from 14/14/1 110 shields), now available at Crackdown
*NJHS Member is now 12/12/2 100 shields (from 18/18/2 140 shields)
*Patient is now 5/5/1 0 shields (from 10/10/1 0 shields)
*Rocket Teacher now requires caffeine
*Teacher HMG, 1 movement, cannot be teleported to
*Jeep is 20/10/3 (from 22/12/3), Removed blitz, ATAR. Ignores all movement costs instead
*Gatling AAV is 30/15/3 500, not wheeled, blitz, Ignore all movement costs, requires money, now properly has offensive bombard. From 30/15/5, 400,
*Renamed Armed Worker to Detention Slave, detention Slave has 0/0/2, 20 shield cost, 200 work strength
*Detention Prisoner upgrades to Detention Slave.
*Smith-1 cannot blitz
*Teacher Blimp operational range reduced to 15 (from 30)
*UFO now 8/8/2, from 9/9/2

*Sorcerer renamed to Archwizard
*Druid renamed to Archmage
*Elite Mercenary renamed to Mercenary Guard
*Elite Archer renamed to Foot Archer
*Night Archer renamed to Mercenary Highwayman
*Girl Samurai renamed to Girl Fencer
*Girl Soldier renamed to Girl Sharpshooter
*Chase Sniper renamed to Chase Gunner
*Swordsmaster renamed to Mercenary Swordsmaster
*Little Kid renamed to Kindergartener
*Boy Shocktroopers renamed to Boy Legion
*Rename Chasing Conscripts to Conscript (singlular)
*Horse Cuirassier renamed to Horse Cataphract
*Gunship renamed to Armored Gunship
*Armed Worker renamed to Detention Slave
*Renamed S-1 to Sean-1
*Renamed S-2 to Sean-2
*Renamed Alexi-1 to Alex-1
*Renamed Alexi-2 to Alex-2

*Boy Warrior (no longer using the AoK Militia, but now using Sandris' Tribal European Warrior)
*Mage (no longer using a C&P Abu Bakr, but now using Plotinus' Oriental Enchanter)
*Battlemaster (now using Sandris' Egyptian Swordsman)
*Mercenary Archer (now using Sandris' Sweedish Crossbowman)
*Night Archer (now named Mercenary Highwayman, using Plotinus' Van Helsing)
*Hussar (no longer using AoK Tarkin, now using Sandris' Generic 1812 Cuirassier)
*Paladin (no longer using AoK Paladin, now using Sandris' Teutonic Knight)
*Chase Sniper (renamed to Chase Gunner, now using Dom Pedro's Inca Gunner)
*Vanquisher (now using Hikaro's Archon)
*Damsel (now using Hikaro's CardCaptor)
*Pistolier (now using Hikaro's Elvaan Gunner)
*Girl Warrior (now using Hikaro's etb Infantry)
*Girl Infantry (now using Hikaro's Girl Infantry)
*Girl Longbow (now using Hikaro's Girl Longbow)
*Girl Samurai (renamed to Girl Fencer, now using Hikaro's sakurag)
*Girl Soldier (renamed to girl sharpshooter, now using Hikaro's Girl Sniper)
*Jessica 1 (using Hikaro's Jessica with Gun)
*Jessica 2 (using Hikaro's Jessica with Bow)
*School Nurse (now using Hikaro's Nurse graphic)
*Pokemon Master (now using Rubysauce's Pikachu Pokemon Trainer)
*Nuke (now using Krayzeenbk's R7 missile)
*Boy Destroyer (now using ruby sauce's Assasin)
*Tony 1 (now using ruby sauce's Executioner)
*Mateo 1 (now using Plotinus' Golden Swordsman)
*LEGO Worker (now using ruby sauce's LEGO Warrior)
*John 2 (now using ShiroKobbure's Winged Teutonic Knight)
*John 1 (now using Firaxis' Knight)
*Chris 1 (now using Aaglo's Liche Priest)
*Jet Fighter (now using Wyrmshadow's Super Sylph)
*Austin 1 (now using Plotinus' Thegn)
*Boy Dreadnought (now using Ornthac's Trident 2)
*Elite Freak Master Phase 1 and 2's unit graphics. Removed Shiro's old Korean Knight, swapped *Phase 2 to the old Phase 1, and used Shiro's Nara Swordsman.
*Change Freak Attack Rebels to the new Freak Master Phase 1 graphics
*Chris-2 changed to Shiro's Roman Auger
*Boy Archer (now using Sandris’ German Later Archer)
*Boy Sniper (now using Sandris’ English Later Longbowman)
*Boy Militia Fighter (now using Sandris’ German Spearman)
*Boy Mercenary (now using Sandris’ Medieval Spearman)
*Boy Soldier (now using Shiro’s Legionarius Americanus)
*Boy Knight (now using Sandris’ Scandinavian Swordsman)
*Boy Alliance Infantry (now using T-mun’s Heavy Swordsman)
*Elite Boy Infantry (now using Sandris’ Italian Swordsman)
*Shock Trooper (now using Sandris’ Scandinavian Later Foot Knight)
*Mercenary (now using Embryodead’s Mailed Spearman)
*UFT (now using Vuldacon’s Rocket Cat)
*Chasing Knight (now using Shiro's Comanche Cavalry)
*Godzilla (now using Supa's updated Godzilla)
*S-1 (now using Delta_Strife’s Gundam)
*Traitorous Kid (LMR’s Traitor Legion)
*Teacher’s Pet (LMR’s Inquisitor)
*Hall Monitor (Aaglo’s Commisar)
*NJHS Member (LMR’s Seraphim
*Informer (Rubysauce’s Spy)

Jessica-2 added ranged attack animation
Jeep added ranged attack animation
Vanquisher removed ranged attack animation
Boy Carriers added ranged attack animation

Spoiler :

*Tweaked names for leaders slightly
*Fixed a bug with Death Strike diplo win.
*Fixed some city names
*Remove Scientific from Teachers so they stop getting a random starting tech
*Renamed GWC’s S to Sean, to avoid ambiguity with GWC and Freak Attack both being Combined Forces leader candidates.
*Renamed Chars Alexi to Alex, to avoid ambiguity with Char and Boy Union both being Combined Forces leader candidates.

Spoiler :

*Completely reworked propaganda and resistance modifiers
*Fixed bugs and changed Tribal Council's corruption to problematic
*Removed Omeganism's trade bonus
*Removed Reb-olutionary government's trade bonus
*Increases Conquest's corruption to problematic, instead of Minimal
*Added: Bureaucratic Committee - War fighting gov, low WW, higher unit support, more corruption. Similar to Tribal Council, but with Oligarchy properties.
*Added: Senso Fascism - A buff for Fascism for Senso. Increased propaganda and spy, and citizen assimilation.
*Blissful Anarchy - Added tile penalty
*Oligarchy: Corruption changed to "Minimal" from "Nuisance", Added Standard Trade Bonus
*Crackdown: Removed "Tile Penalty"
*Crackdown: Now costs 10 gpt for units (up from 6) unit support changed to 2/3/4 (from 2/4/6)
*School Board: Now costs 10 gpt for units (up from 6), 4 free units

Spoiler :

*Increased Barbarians Tech costs to slow down their teching.
*Added Core Classes, Essays, Standardized Tests tech
*Reworked the map revealing techs. Now the map is only revealed upon discovery of Stricter Rules, as if anyone researches a map revealing tech, everyone gets it.
*Reconnaissance renamed to Boy Hegemony, where Boy Union gets most of its diplomatic options. It also no longer reveals map
*Crackdown no longer reveals map
*Exploration no longer reveals map
*Changed graphic icons for Sensoness and Special Forces
*Expansion allows Barbarians to establish Embassies and trade world maps.
*Techs in 5th grade and Middle School increased in cost by 20%
*Crackdown now requires Paratroopers, Amphibious Assault
*Airborne Operations now requires Crackdown

Spoiler :

*Added ammo, and made most ranged units after Archery require it
*Renamed Bananas to Junk Food, and got it a new graphic.
*Added Obsidian, LEGOs for Chase, LEGO
*Fresh Fruit is a Child only resource now.

Spoiler :

*Revamped Graduation Race
*Moved diplomatic options to later in the game, and gave the Boy Union access to some of them earlier.
*Updated the Civ leaderheads and the civpedia icons
*Made Blank Nothingness travel available at 5th grade
*Increased Interception Chance to 75% (from 50%)
*Increased Stealth Interception Chance to 25% (from 5%)
*Updated the Global Warming meter to be a sun with Sunglasses, which fade away with more global warming.
*Modified the labels.txt file for Demographics.
*Created a Steam and CD version of labels.txt
*Added Blue Monkey’s Era Splashes/Title Screen pack
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There are labels.txt, labels_CD_version.txt and labels_Steam_Version.txt in Text folder. If I rename labels_CD_Version.txt to labels.txt should I replace existing labels.txt?
Yes, if you have the CD version of Civ3, you should delete the existing labels.txt, and rename the labels_CD_version.txt to labels.txt
So good to see it finally released! Come on people, step right up and check this out. You want giant robots fighting Godzilla? We got that! You want ninjas vs. zombies? Got that too! Ever wanted to feel the rush of having an army of small children rise up against their teacher overlords and seize control of the school? This is the perfect place for that!
Thank you, I took inspiration from Dr. McNinja comic, where apparently giving sunglasses to anything makes it look cooler:
Spoiler :

Played few turns only, but it's enough to see that this mod is really fun to play.

It is good thing that we are having new mods for Civ III and I plead to all Civ III players to make effort and let modders know how much we appreciate their work.
Played few turns only, but it's enough to see that this mod is really fun to play.

It is good thing that we are having new mods for Civ III and I plead to all Civ III players to make effort and let modders know how much we appreciate their work.

Funny story about this.

The original mod was released in 2006 actually, and it was reaaaaly unbalanced. Then we reworked it, and released 2.0 the day before Civ5 came out in 2010, and then both Omega and I went to college and stopped modding for a while. Then after Omega asked me to get him some of the mods that I had squirreled away years ago, last July, as the great CFC migration/hack lost a bunch of files, I noticed that 2.0 was one of the casualties. So since Civ 6 was coming out in 4 months, I, optimistically, thought we can finish 3.0 by then, cause it was just upgrading graphics, and rebalancing some stuff, and we didn't have to add a new civ (because my playground wars in elementary lasted 2 weeks before the teachers killed everyone, so I don't have enough to work with).

Nope. Turns out playtesting to see how balanced things are really requires you to fully play a game, rather than watch the AI play the game in debug mode (though that has its own uses), and we already had 14 civs. A full game on the largest map takes ~20-25 hours to play, and sometimes I have to re-play civs after making significant changes, so there's that. Then I had to spend a large chunk of time checking the civpedia for broken links, and looking at the formatting of it so that text doesn't get cut off or looks weird. Then there's the multitude of little things that didn't involve civ 3 being up and running but also takes additional time, like updating some of the old graphics (back in 2006 I didn't know how to use a custom 256 color pallet, and you can really tell in 2.0 which graphics were made when), and fixing some units (civ colored lasers really bothered me), and creating unit sounds (that was the more time consuming than I'd like to admit, as even though I took shortcuts by stealing default civ 3 sounds and the NavyDawg's Space Opera's sounds, I still had to combine them together and make it not sound like crap).

All and all, I estimate between Omega and I, we probably spent well over 1000 hours between the two of us working on this (and we have jobs of our own now, rather than both of us being high schoolers in 2006), and I was fully convinced that a total of 3 people would actually play it other than the two of us.

Thank you.
... sword fights, nuclear weapons, zombies, and all sorts of other epic things to be found in the imagination of a child. This mod is also a product of its time, as popular culture of its time had a dramatic effect on the course of the playground wars.

Although I never actually owned or ever played Civ 3, I always loved seeing this mod because it reminded me of my times back in elementary school and the games that we would play. Granted, I am a bit younger than you guys (Born in 97, so my childhood Pokemon for instance was Gen III and IV rather than I and II, as I can see with the pokemon faction's city list), so it's not exactly the same, but it's very close enough. Was always an avid reader of AARs about this mod (particularly one about the Girls and the Ramma 1/2esque main character). So seeing the release of 3.0 is actually a bit coincidental though.

I'm actually going to finally get Civ 3 because I'm getting roped into an unrelated mod's dev team.

And this is definitely the first mod I intend to play once I get my hands on Civ 3. Probably will even play it before I touch vanilla. I've been wanting to do it for years, and now I finally have the reason/chance to finally play this mod.

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:
I remember downloading this YEARS ago, and so it's quite nice to see that a brand new version was released only a few months ago. Good job everyone!
Will there be more luxuries sprinkled around the playground map? I found the custom maps unplayable on Emperor due to insufficient luxuries within reach, so the irony is that the Random Map mode is easier to handle this way.

Edit: Version 2.0 that is.
Will there be more luxuries sprinkled around the playground map? I found the custom maps unplayable on Emperor due to insufficient luxuries within reach, so the irony is that the Random Map mode is easier to handle this way.

Edit: Version 2.0 that is.
Apologies for the late response, unfortunately, we didn't make much changes to the scenario maps between 2.0 and 3.0, as the largest change was adding a few of the extra resources new in 3.0 (Ex: Ammo, Obsidian, and Legos). In the scenario, we didn't do a whole lot of resource distribution planning, mostly because most playgrounds didn't contain money, junkfood, etc. laying around for kids to pick up, and the only thing that really made sense was the Bonus Resource of Cafeteria Food, which you can find in abundance in the Cafeteria.

The thought process was to scatter the strategic resources about evenly, but more focused on where the civs who used them are located, and the luxuries somewhat more randomly (except for civ-specific ones like flowers), and in clumps, sort of like the base game.

One thing you may be able to do is to redistribute the resources using the editor, as we made 3.0 without use of a custom editor (except the cracked editor, but you can swap between that and the base editor without any problems), so there will be no harm in saving it after redistributing them.
I know I haven't been around for a while, but if I could make a small request/suggestion for anyone who wishes to do this, but I was wondering if the final upgrade for the king unit for my faction would be the Kämpfer unit I made a while back, since I, you know, finally came out as Bi-gender a few years ago. Having my in-game representation's final form changing from boy to girl & back would be a nice way to acknowledge that I finally accepted my true identity after all these years. (And now you know why my faction has the "female nature" trait) ;)

Aside from that, excellent work.
Hey, I have been playing civ three for pretty much my entire gaming life, and I a, really intersted in this mod! I have been having troubles getting it to run and it has really been bumming me out... I am running the CD version of the game. At first I did not read the note to change the text file, and it gave me the error about Staff Intel. Center. I then found the note about changing the text file names and then got the error about the SS platnetary party. I am really confused because I tried to go in and tinker with the text files to give the missing items a bogus entry but to no avail. I really want to enjoy this mod but it just not working out... has anyone else encpuntered this problem? If so, what was the solution? I would love any tips to fix this! Thanks!
(The errors mentioned were as follows exactly: “Missing entry in ‘text\Predialcons.txt’: ICON_BLDG_Staff_Intelligence_Center” and “Missing entry in ‘C:\Firaxis Games\Civilization III Complete\Civ3PTW\text\Pedialcons.txt’: ICON_BLDG_SS_Planetary_Party_Lounge”)
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