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Trafalgar Square Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

Trafalgar Square Wonder (XML+Python)

  1. tsentom1
    This code was requested by JustATourist to make Privateers function more like they did in Civ 3. I just attached it to a wonder, though you can easily remove that requirement and have it as a default ability for the unit.

    Plundering Gold, means it actually removes the gold from the enemy treasury and gives it to you. Capturing a ship gives you a chance to acquire a new Privateer after combat victory.

    Both amounts are controlled by:

    iGoldStolen = ( iGold//50 )

    self.iNewPrivateerNumber = self.getRandomNumber( 4 )

    So you can edit the percentages to whatever you want. Keep in mind for the random number it counts 0 so a random number of 4 is a 1 in 5 chance (hence 20%).

    All the python is labeled and searching for "Trafalgar" should find all the changes.

    I recommend downloading winmerge to help combine the files.

    XML, python: me (tsentom1)
    Wonder Movie: Arian
    Building and Button: AsioAsioAsio


    Edit: Added additional code that now displays a message informing you of how much gold you've plundered and if you've captured an enemy ship.


    1. trafalgar_VB0.jpg