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Visimod v0.1 (Warlords) 2016-10-05

Visimod v0.1 (Warlords)

  1. NikNaks
    Version 0.1 of Visimod for Warlords. Make sure to also download the v0.11 patch from here.

    Forum thread

    Included Mods:
    Ruff's Cobbled SG Modpack - ruff_hi
    Sevopedia 2.2a - Various (currently maintained by Gaurav)
    ActualQuotes 3.5 - Willowmound
    Ethnically Diverse Units - Rabbit, White
    Better Unit Scale - Ultraman
    Ethnic Diverse City Styles - Geomodder
    Better AI - Blake
    This mod was accidentally included. If you wish to remove Better AI, delete the CvGameCore.dll in the mod folder.

    To install, extract this mod into your Civ 4 Warlords installation directory, in the Mods folder.
    This is normally:
    C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 4/Warlords/Mods/

    If you would like the mod to begin on startup
    Go to your CIV Warlords installation directory, and double-click on _Civ4Config.ink.
    This will bring up a text file. Find the following:
    ; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
    Mod = 0

    and change it to:
    ; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
    Mod = Mods\Visimod

    It will then run whenever you run Warlords. To stop this, undo the above change.

    If the mod has no effect, check that the mod is not stored as follows:
    Mods/Visimod x.x/Visimod/

    If this is the case, move the 'Visimod' folder so that it appears as: