YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

I tested Greatest Earth Map only and the following mods are incompatible:
Republic of Pirates (kingchris20)
Two Units per Tile
Thank you! I was hoping to upgrade to test with this new patch
Не работает с версией 229 - мартовским патчем, где исправлены многие полезные ошибки. Плюс вылетает игра при старту карты - Большая Земля. Исправьте это.
works fine on 229, problems on your side, if you want help post a bug report with your logs here : https://forums.civfanatics.com/forums/bug-reports.574/
Excellent! Goes to a regular game, but not an addition. Flies out immediately if I go to the map.
This mod is great. Makes the game last longer
This is by far one of the best mods for Civ VI. If you like games that are epic in scope this is definitely for you.
Best maps around for someone who likes to go city-mad on a large scale.
Not only are most maps of a rather generous size, they're all beautyfully done, too.
Very good job ! i play beta 4 fine ! is it possible to have in this mod a intermediate earth map like greatest earth map, but in 128x80, because i can't play the giant map with my computer i5 nvidia 940m 2 Go ! Tank's a lot for this great addon i played in civ 5 and now civ 6 !
Worked perfectly for me, great job! They should just hire you already Gedemon. @Uncle Sam14: If you cannot right-click to dismiss the notification (to access end turn), then you might need to start over with 22 civs, or select a Pantheon earlier in the game if over 22 civs. I think the game was only designed for 20 civs per map originally.
Playing Giant Earth with 24 Civs and 48 City States, everything running smoothly until I was given the option to found a Pantheon, and since my faith was very low I got this on turn 189 and all the 22 Pantheons were already taken, I can't choose any Pantheon now, and I can't End my turn, so I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
Amazing to have all these maps! Such fun!
A must-have additional to my favourite game! Greatest Earth Map is fantastic and quite an improvement on the base earth map that ships with the game. Thank you :)
YnAMP Forever !
With the last version, i can load the largest eaeth, excellent
Questa è la mappa che mancava! Ed è quella in cui riesco a divertirmi maggiormente, perché ricrea la "reale" alternativa alla Storia dell'umanità. Le versioni aggiornate migliorano continuamente, anche se alcuni bugs devono essere risolti assolutamente, specie nella meravigliosamente enorme mappa "Ludicrous": 230x115...immensa!
Fantastic mod. I usually play on Greatest Earth Map to be kind to my computer, and it is very enjoyable. Great work.
Version 0.16 is working very well for me with ludicrous size GEM at marathon pace. And it plays nicely with AI+ v9 which is a bonus at this stage.
Great work!
The must have maps.
Great mod pack, good job
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