YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. GitHub link

    GitHub link
  2. Moved to external download site

    Now link to GitHub as I don't have time to maintain 3 separate upload.
  3. Beta 7.3.4

    • allows external mods to set Starting Location Resources
    • allows units placement on start using XML/SQL
    • fix some cases of wrong coordinates conversion when using some sections of the map
    • expand "Colonization" section of the Giant Earth a bit more to the East (to include Russia, Egypt, Arabia)
    • add "-- Lake" tag at the end of corresponding lines for export data
    • update the (commented out) export code for a civ5 map
    • try to get an adjacent replacement plot when...
  4. Beta 6.3 - Rise and Fall

    - add TSL for the new Civilizations from Rise&Fall thanks to tomaltachpaulson
    - include Dieter VonClam's Large Europe (79x73) to YnAMP base mod, thanks to tomaltachpaulson for the TSL
    - add missing Strategic resources when loading a map using the resource generator code (fix missing Niter on maps directly imported from civ5)
    - convert Gold to Silver when importing a Civ5 map
    - enable all YnAMP base maps for R&F
    - re-use the game's starting plots placement when not using TSL
    - add ethnicity...
  5. Beta 6.2

    • compatibility : do not fail to update map sizes when another mod set new sizes using the same name
    • compatibility : Detailed Worlds replace MapUtilities.lua with a version missing IsAdjacentToLandPlot(), adding a backup of the original function in YnAMP's AssignStartingPlots
    • compatibility : don't output an error when limiting Barbarian Scouts while another mod is removing the Scout units...
    • compatibility : raise the load order of imported files
    • bug fix : add check before...
  6. Indonesia and Khmer TSL

    - add TSL for Indonesia and Khmer on the Giant and Greatest Earth maps
    - add support for Sukritact's Tonlé Sap on the Terra Map script (Sukritact's Fuji was already working)
    - add position for Ha Long Bay on the Giant and Greatest Earth maps
    - add position for Sukritact's Fuji on the Greatest Earth maps
    - remove Largest Earth from the mod as it's still not working with the Fall patch
    - bug fix to the mod's fallback function for Starting Positions
    - bug fix for extra luxuries placement
    - make...
  7. Beta .6 : Terra Map

    • Add a Terra Map script
    • Add some new map size at 2:1 ratio, which is better for a Terra Map (Giant and Ludicrous were almost at that ratio already)
    • Tweaked the "Giant" size to be 184x92 (the Giant Earth Map is still 180x94)
    • Remove Barbarian scout from the map until turn 7 (can be changed in advanced setup)
    • Add an option to try to place all luxuries on the map (always ON on the Terra Map and when the...
  8. Beta .5

    - add Nubia TSL thanks to tomaltachpaulson
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  9. Beta .4

    • add compatibility with Maritime CS
    • add code to allow custom natural wonders to be placed on real world position
    • bugfix: the Aztec capital should not be named "Mexico City"
    • remove "No City States" option as the number can be simply set to 0
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  10. Beta .3.1

    • bugfix : don't remove resources that were correctly placed on the map when using the import option.
    • add Macedon City Map, fix Byzantion name (tomaltachpaulson)