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Zebenji's Additional Religions 2.3

Adds to Tomatekh's mod some religions. And beliefs. And weird stuff. And bacon.

  1. zebenji
    Zebenji's Additional Religions
    (and other stuff)
    Disclaimer: The author of this mod doesn't have any preference for any religion and doesn't want to force you to practice any specific religion. The purpose of this mod is to add some fun and variety in the game. :)

    IMPORTANT : This mod needs Tomatekh's Historical Religions mod to work.
    Also, the mod will be available on Steam once I understand how to upload a mod there. ;-p

    Alrighty! Welcome to my very first mod for a Civilization. Please be tolerant, modding is something brand new to me, I'm just doing my best to share what I've done so far.

    Tomatekh made an amazing job to add historical religions in Civilization VI. I decided to follow his path, and I create a little mod which add dozens of new religions, beliefs and other strange things to those available in the game. This mod will probably add more religions in the future, and I will consider any reasonable suggestion (especially if a religion name, and icon and a description are included... Benji's a little lazy for research!).


    Download the mod, and extract it to :
    \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
    (or any Mod folder you're using)

    Configuration File

    Just like Tomatekh's mod (thank you so much for your help, by the way), this mod includes a configuration file ("ZRK_Config.sql"). It is located in the main folder. You can use it to toggle the different kind of religions which would be available in the game :

    Additional Historical Religions:
    Adds a few pre-modern religions into the game. These are religions Tomatekh hasn't thought about.
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Modern Beliefs:
    Adds religions, beliefs and other cults from the modern era. This includes revivals of ancient religions (like Asatru or Hetanism), cults like Scientology, down to Wicca and Satanism. Now you're gonna be able to make Ghandi truly evil.
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Strange Religions:
    Adds religions which are mostly parodic, or way too weird to be considered as a religion. And yes, baconism is a thing. Crazy, right?
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Litterature, TV and movie religions:
    Religions taken from fiction. Had to find a name for some of them, but hopefully you'll find a few interesting things in there.
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Video Games Religions:
    Civilization being the best stragery game ever, it makes sense that some other games would cross over. Some denominations have been created for the purpose of this mod. Feel free to correct me if needed.
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Final Fantasy XIV Religions:
    The initial reason why I created that mod. My hopes or creating an Eorzean civilization are gone (don't have enough skills to do that), but at least I can play with the different religions in-game. :)
    Edit the individual value to 0 to disable these religions.

    Randomize Religions:
    Disabled by default, this one deletes favorite religions for all leaders. Which means that the AI can pick any religion. Tested it a few times, Japan decided to go with the Invisible Pink Unicorn while the Papal States picked... Puata Tupuna.
    Edit the individual value to 1 to randomize religions.


    As I said above, this mod requires Tomatekh's mod to work. Also, in the religion choice screen, "my" religions will appear after Tomatekh's custom religion icons. Can't do anything about that, sorry. Maybe if we can order the religions another way with a fix from Firaxis.

    Haven't tested my mod with other religion mods. Not sure it will work. I'm not planning to make the mod compatible with every religion mod on the market, but I talked to Tomatekh and our mods should be able to coexist without any issue, even in the future.

    Thanks for reading all this, thanks Tomatekh for your amazing help and thanks Royga for creating the initial Strange Religions Mod on Civ V... and to you all, have fun! Feel free to send me screenshots of your religious empires. :)

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