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Zebenji's Additional Religions 2.3

Adds to Tomatekh's mod some religions. And beliefs. And weird stuff. And bacon.

  1. 2.3 - GS Compatibility

    Small update to fix the color display issue for the different strategic views.
  2. GS Compatibility

    Mostly assured compatibility towards the new expansion. Many thanks to the amazing Tometekh for the details!

    Removed the Quakers, as Tometakh included them in his mod.

    There might be a color issue with the Settler and Appeal lenses, probably a file to reconfigure, working on that. It doesn't affect the game itself, just that all tiles on these views look blue. :)

    IMPORTANT: This mod is not compatible with any previous saves. I included a link to v2.1 at the bottom of the mod description,...
  3. Version 2.1

    - Added 31 (!) new religions, most of them coming from Ryoga's Strange Religions Mod (from Civ V). A list of the added religions can be found below.
    - Removed Mohism, as Tomatekh added it on his mod.
    - Transferred Alchemy to Fiction Religion, as I'm using the icon from FullMetal Alchelmist.
    - Icon for Children of Atom has been changed for a nicer looking atom (after complains and threats received from Gandhi himself)
    - Removed new AI default religion for Poundmaker, as it generate bugs with...
  4. Version 2.0

    - Completely rebuilt the mod from scratch to ensure full compatibilty with Rise & Fall
    - Updated graphics
    - Updated denominations for a few religions
    - Added Historical Moment icons for all religions
    - Religion screen now displays icons and pressure mechanics for all religions
    - Added Zentopia Church (from anime Fairy Tail - was already in the mod when Rise & Fall came out)

    I tested all graphics for every religion, if you notice a graphic bug please tell me and I'll fix that asap. Thank you...
  5. Rise & Fall Update

    This update doesn't bring anything new, it's just a hotfix so that the mod can be played with Civilization VI: Rise & Fall.

    Will have to rebuild the entire mod with ModBuddy for Timeline images and Religion lens support. Will do my best. Until then, enjoy! :)
  6. Update - August 15, 2017

    On this new update :
    - New icons for Alchemy and Okami religions
    - 7 New religions : Children of Atom (Fallout games), Misimanito (Cree religion), Ilúvatarism (Lord of the Rings), Olympianism (Hellenic Modern Religion), Boat Mormonism, Denouncing and Venice Yoloism (Parody religions from Doormonster.tv)
    - Other suggestions will be added in the future, I prefer small frequent updates rather than huge ones.

    Many, many, many thanks to the awesome team of...
  7. Compatibiliy update

    - Compatibility with the latest game update
    - Religion Randomizer option now works with all leaders
  8. Version 1.1

    - Randomizer completed: if toggled on, every leader from Civ 6 + DLCs + Historical Leader Mods (up to July 1st) will found a random religion. Have fun! :)
    - Added Unitarian Universalism, Arceusism (which is apparently a religion in Pokémon), and the Circle of Life (directly from The Lion King)
    - Updated icon for Whoism