1. R82

    [NEWCIV] Bincmal - A very simple, basic beginner's Mod (no original artwork) that "combines" Incans, Malinese, and Byzantines into one Civ

    This is the first time I post one of my fairly simple mods. It's simply a combination of my favorite Leader traits, UU, UB, and starting techs. These are mainly from the Incans, Malinese, and Byzantines, so I called the new Civ "Bincmal". The leader, who is named "Imab" as an unoriginal...
  2. megabearsfan

    [NFP] A General Strategy for Basil II of Byzantium

    It took way longer than I expected it to, but I finally finished my guide for Basil II from the New Frontiers' September 2020 update. It took a whole year for me to get around to this, but better late than never, I guess? The full guide can be found at my blog at...
  3. megabearsfan

    Is the combat penalty for mounted units attacking cities still in the game?

    I've been playing as Byzantium, and was wondering how much of a difference it makes to be able to conquer cities will all the free heavy cavalry units. But I'm not sure of the magnitude of the combat penalty that mounted units are supposed to have when attacking cities. I tried looking it up on...
  4. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] Byzantium Rework Brainstorming

    While I love Civ 6's Byzantium (while still firmly believing they need a nerf), they don't feel very Byzantine to me in the flavor department. Their religious-conquering niche fits into the roster nicely from a gameplay perspective, but I feel like we could make their design more authentic...
  5. Alaindor

    [NFP] Struggling with Basil II on Deity

    Hi, maybe I can get good advice from you experimented players? Playing on Deity / Marathon / Huge continents map, I want to achieve a religious or domination victory. Reading how OP Basil II is supposed to be, I just can't seem to start off: because I rush for an early religion (which I get if...
  6. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] You Rank the New Frontier Pass Civs (and Leaders)

    Okay, so ranking Civilzations is difficult, due to the insane amount of factors you can take into account. Attempting to rank them based on general quality is even more difficult, as it's a combination of all those factors. And, depending on person to person, not only does subjectivity take...
  7. K

    Feed the World Bonuses not applied to shrines/temples after conversion via Byzantine Taxis

    Just as the title says. As Byzantium, I've conquered many cities with existing shrines and temples. They turned to my religion during the course of the war via Taxis. I have the Feed the World belief, but the temples and shrines are not providing any food or housing.
  8. Noxempire

    [GS] Repurpose DLC Assets?

    As far as I am aware you can't directely open and edit DLC Content (-Aztecs) in the Asset Editor Is there still any way to change the behaviour of the Armor? For example, I want to make a Land unit which uses the Tagma Armor, but of course If It's just floating mid air when equiped to a...
  9. Liufeng

    Unoffical Civ VI poll. Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see. Part II : Eastern Europe

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new poll focused on Eastern Europe, which will englobe (arbitrarily) the eastern side of Europe, to Russia, the western side of the Bosphorus (Ottomans will come in another poll), but also the Caucasus). Don't forget to read the PDF which will give some...
  10. Theodora Caught Spying

    Theodora Caught Spying

  11. Byzantine Cathedral

    Byzantine Cathedral

    Byzantium's unique Cathedral from my mod
  12. Byzantine Cataphract Pedia

    Byzantine Cataphract Pedia

    The Byzantine unique Cataphract from my mod
  13. Justinian Diplomacy

    Justinian Diplomacy

    Diplomacy with Justinian from my mod
  14. Byzantine Capital

    Byzantine Capital

    Byzantine Capital from my mod
  15. Byzantium Loading Screen

    Byzantium Loading Screen

    Byzantium's loading screen from my mod
  16. Byzantine Select Screen

    Byzantine Select Screen

    Byzantium select screen from my mod
  17. Byzantine Start

    Byzantine Start

  18. Sid Meier Leader Of The Barbarian Colony Of Byzantium!

    Sid Meier Leader Of The Barbarian Colony Of Byzantium!

    Portugal decided to spawn Sid Mier(AKA Barbarians) as leader of the new colony of Byzantium.
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