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  1. P

    Ideas for Civ VII Victories (and their significance)

    One of the things that I would say is integral to the premise of civ as a game franchise, is the idea that history is predominantly linear and teleological - that is to say, a long story connecting a start of history with an end of history. And personally, I think that civ actually approaches...
  2. Lazy sweeper

    Civ VII how people get it all wrong...

    Saw many videos on youtube, other than on the Civfanatic forum, where people discuss about how would they like CIV VII to be, what should keep from CIV VI, what do they expect. I see some mixed impressions switching from Youtube, where there is a more general audience, and here on the forum...
  3. fredrikslicer

    Never before seen poll

    Had a longer list but wasn´t able to select so many options
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