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game balance

  1. P

    Late Game AI

    I uploaded my mod yesterday and I am not sure why the discussion for it was deleted. So I am manually opening this thread here and I hope that a mod can attach it to the resource later. Overview: "Late Game AI" immensely buffs the AI's late game with a new scaling method. The AI will be very...
  2. P

    Late Game AI 8.3

    Introduction Late Game AI changes the bonuses the AI gets per difficulty to achieve a more player-like game progression. It does this by adding stat/yield modifiers that scale with game/player era and difficulty. The AI will be very able to compete in the later stages of the game and will...
  3. oSiyeza

    [GS] The most liked and disliked features of Civilization VI (Results)

    This is my best attempt to synthetize the results from the users of this forum, from the post available in: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/your-3-best-and-3-worst-things-about-civ-6.654770/ I created a new post, since this is not intended to be a place to submit more opinions for the...
  4. Imaus

    How to prevent/avoid toxic gaming in MMOs?

    This has been on my mind lately. In two of the games I've been most engrossed in, I notice one or more sides turn into toxic cesspools that hurt the gaming experience for others. In the most recent game, based on Fallout: New Vegas, across three iterations, the Caesar's Legion faction...
  5. TyrannusRex

    Civs with Multiple Bonuses?

    Do you guys think it would be very broken to have a civilization with two special abilities? I feel, personally, that if they tackled different things (say, one is a unit move boost, and the other has to do with production), then it could work fine. (Something tells me that movement boost plus...
  6. Infixo

    Real Science Pace 1.2

    New version 1.2 as of 21.02 - Gathering Storm update. Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm note. This mod works with expansions. However, it does not support any specific R&F nor GS "sciency" features or changes. Empire size impacts research speed. Science from population is drastically reduced and...
  7. Adrian75

    Beyond Stars (RT) 14.4

    BEYOND STARS MOD improves almost every aspect in game, including the AI, which now plays indeed like a human. My aim is to make Beyond Earth the best game in the world. It only works with Rising Tide. Changes v1: - AI plays smarter and emphasises more the health (by buildings, virtues...
  8. skallben

    Science vs production balance

    The higher the difficulty, the faster the research. We breeze through the eras and it never feels like production is enough. It's been agreed upon that production is the most important commodity in Civ VI but what if the real problem is that the eras progress too fast? The strongest case for an...
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