1. N

    [GS] [Solved] Problem with Unique Unit

    Hello everyone! I've been having lots of trouble lately with my unique unit that I named the Timetraveller. The plan is to make them fully heal each turn. However, it would seem that using the 'EFFECT_ADJUST_UNIT_HEALING_MODIFIERS' and pumping it up to 100 doesn't change a thing for its healing...
  2. L

    All units heal at end of round instead of start of turn

    Currently, all units heal at the end of a round rather than at the beginning of that civ's turn. The difference between the current implementation and healing at the beginning of your civ's turn is essentially the same in a single player game since you go first each round. (Though it gives the...
  3. I

    [GS] Remove healing from promotions

    As the title says I want to create a simple mod that removes healing when you select a promotion, I would rather have healing as something you would select if that unit was up for a promotion. Just like in Civ V. I've looked through the "Promotions" and "ModifierArguments" but can't seem to...
  4. Ukoku

    Did anyone figured a way to allow barbarians heal yet?

    Only thing i see so far is MODIFIER_PLAYER_DISABLE_HEALING but doesn't seem to actually have effect.:sad: It seems kinda impossible for me now without lua script?
  5. nzcamel

    [R&F] Healing after successful emergency []

    So I single handedly :dance: rescue Monty's capital from Russia after an emergency was declared as a result of that dirty Peter guy getting his hands on it (I am Gilgabro...so it was always going to be on the cards :mischief:). And there's two bonuses as a result: 1) The money 2) Member units...
  6. nzcamel

    Land units not healing, and an invisible city []

    Couple of odd issues. 1) I have a couple of swordsmen who haven't healed at all in quite a few turns of being stationary. Eventually I moved them into my borders to see if that would make any difference, and it hasn't. Turn 389: Turn 390: Turn 394: Turn 399: Annnd so on. 2) More just...
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