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  1. MarsEco

    [NFP] Moksha Laying of Hands

    THIS IS A QUESTION and/or COMMENT ABOUT A BUG. As the Title indicates, it is focused on the Governor Title for Moksha, when they are Fully Established in our city. They do not seem to Heal the units in the city that Moksha is Fully Established. It is just normal +20 MAX Healing. This was when I...
  2. N

    [GS] [Solved] Problem with Unique Unit

    Hello everyone! I've been having lots of trouble lately with my unique unit that I named the Timetraveller. The plan is to make them fully heal each turn. However, it would seem that using the 'EFFECT_ADJUST_UNIT_HEALING_MODIFIERS' and pumping it up to 100 doesn't change a thing for its healing...
  3. L

    All units heal at end of round instead of start of turn

    Currently, all units heal at the end of a round rather than at the beginning of that civ's turn. The difference between the current implementation and healing at the beginning of your civ's turn is essentially the same in a single player game since you go first each round. (Though it gives the...
  4. I

    [GS] Remove healing from promotions

    As the title says I want to create a simple mod that removes healing when you select a promotion, I would rather have healing as something you would select if that unit was up for a promotion. Just like in Civ V. I've looked through the "Promotions" and "ModifierArguments" but can't seem to...
  5. Ukoku

    Did anyone figured a way to allow barbarians heal yet?

    Only thing i see so far is MODIFIER_PLAYER_DISABLE_HEALING but doesn't seem to actually have effect.:sad: It seems kinda impossible for me now without lua script?
  6. nzcamel

    [R&F] Healing after successful emergency []

    So I single handedly :dance: rescue Monty's capital from Russia after an emergency was declared as a result of that dirty Peter guy getting his hands on it (I am Gilgabro...so it was always going to be on the cards :mischief:). And there's two bonuses as a result: 1) The money 2) Member units...
  7. nzcamel

    Land units not healing, and an invisible city []

    Couple of odd issues. 1) I have a couple of swordsmen who haven't healed at all in quite a few turns of being stationary. Eventually I moved them into my borders to see if that would make any difference, and it hasn't. Turn 389: Turn 390: Turn 394: Turn 399: Annnd so on. 2) More just...
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