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  1. Thorvald of Lym

    Sarcasmitron on Ukraine

    (Despite encompassing current events, I figured this provides the antithesis to the much-memed Carlson interview. I debated whether to post it to A&E as a showcase of exemplary citizen journalism, or World History for subject matter; mods can move as they deem most relevant, as long as it's not...
  2. T_80_Tank

    Map of the World - 900 AD

    Hello there! :religion: I'd like to show you some more screens from my game. :hammers: It's my own Civ 4 mod based on RFC DoC by Leoreth and Additional AI for CiV 4 with my significant changes. It's include 164 civs on the gigantic Earth Map. Kinda historic role play. Unfortunately it's...
  3. T_80_Tank

    Map of the World - 800 AD

    Hello there! :religion: I'd like to show you some screens from my game. :hammers: It's my own Civ 4 mod based on RFC DoC by Leoreth and Additional AI for CiV 4 with my significant changes. It's include 164 civs on the gigantic Earth Map. Kinda historic role play. Unfortunately it's unplayable...
  4. Edmund Ironside

    What are the most misleading (inaccurate and/or agenda pushing) historical movies ever!? (Poll included)

    Ever seen a historical movie which really grinds your gears. Lets talk about it! You can vote for up to 7 movies.
  5. P

    Ideas for Civ VII Victories (and their significance)

    One of the things that I would say is integral to the premise of civ as a game franchise, is the idea that history is predominantly linear and teleological - that is to say, a long story connecting a start of history with an end of history. And personally, I think that civ actually approaches...
  6. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Mod Potential) Classical era Booster tech(s) or civic(s): Ironworking VS Caste System

    Yet another Mod Potential series thread. Studying Human History. there were one o two important advancements (the term used in Civ 1-2 and maybe 3) that contributed to mankind productivity compared to anything that came before. Ironworkings, and Caste System What actually contributed more to...
  7. M

    Who is truly the smartest person who ever existed?

    Whenever I Google smartest person, William James Sidis comes up and it says that his IQ was between 200 and 300. Yet when I read his Wikipedia page, their are a lot of disputes about his intelligence and say that many of them were exaggerated and false. Leonardo da Vinci is also cited as the...
  8. anonxanemone

    Historical Concepts Translated to Gameplay and Mechanics

    What are some gameplay and mechanics that represent concepts of history well? Are there any concepts that should be implemented or (if already implemented) should be implemented better? Personally, my favorites are the eureka/inspiration and district adjacency mechanics introduced in...
  9. Duke William of Normandy

    Who was the most deserving of the title "Athleta Christi"?

    Athleta Christi, or Champion of Christ in Latin. It was given to certain Catholic rulers by the Pope, based on their dedication to the faith. This thread simply asks the question: which of the Athleta Christi deserved the title the most? Links to the competitors...
  10. SMcM

    American President Elimination Thread

    If anyone isn't familiar, every 24 hours you chose two items on the list- one you give a point to, and the other you take three points from. In this case it's American presidents. Rules (as copied from another thread): - You may vote roughly every 24 hours. You add one point to one city-state...
  11. Merkava120

    Dynamica 1.01

    This mod's goal is to make Civ 4 more historically accurate by turning every part of the game into a dynamic, unpredictable path. (After all, no historic king has sat around planning how quickly they can discover Iron Working before the Byzantines get it.) Details are in the thread.
  12. Askia Muhammad

    Timeline Feature - Mod

    Hello all, I have a couple gripes with how things ended up with the recent expansions but one of them in particular is the timeline. It was marketed as a way for you to look back on your civ's story and a method you could tell your story. I believe it largely fails to accomplish this if i'm...
  13. King Phaedron

    The 48 Laws of Power

    As a ruler in the CIV games of empire, I think most of you will appreciate this. Real life lessons with examples from history also make this topic a lot more fun. There is rarely anything, even among the videos I recommend most, that I agree with completely these days. The 48 Laws of Power is an...
  14. King Phaedron

    Classic Art Deception - Were Leonardo Da Vinci paintings actually prints?

    So called Classic Art may not be as cut and dry as it seems...
  15. King Phaedron

    California used to be an Island - Tartaria and the Mudfloods

    Sorry in advance if anyone feels this is not the right forum (maybe Off Topic is better?) But I thought you guys would find this interesting. "History is a set of lies agreed upon," -Napoleon Bonaparte Every now and then we get a glimpse of some element from our true history, which outside of...
  16. Rafalaf

    Timeline Fix

    The timeline was, I thought, a very nice little feature. However, I feel there is something missing. A historical timeline without all the wars mentioned on it? Even though you don't earn any era score, when someone declares a war on you should also be put into the timeline. When you capture or...
  17. Cassius Critzer

    Jidaigeki samurai mod for MGE

    The Jidaigeki mod is nearing completion in the next month. In two weeks, beta testing will begin to look for errors. A jidaigeki is a genre of Japanese film or television that depicts the historical period that frequently leads up to the Sengoku Jidai (Time of Warring States) say 1460-1650, but...
  18. Fuddster

    Legion versus Phalanx

    For my first post here on the forums, I'd like to draw attention to a book I'm halfway through called Legion versus Phalanx: The Epic Struggle for Infantry Supremacy in the Ancient World by Myke Cole. It's a fascinating look at the Roman Legion and the Hellenistic Phalanx, and what happened in...
  19. M

    [Request] New Historic Victory Type

    Civ VI modding really impressed me. Was playing with YnAMP, Rosetta Naming, Sukritact’s mods, Tomatekh’s religion mod, (not to mention them all) and the experience of the game is really something else now! I don’t think it would be too hard, and I’ve seen an alternate victory type mod before for...
  20. Blake00

    Complete History of Civilization Game Series

    Hi guys! Hopefully this is the right place to post this as I couldn't a see a general Civilization forum for generic Civ series topics outside of a single title. One of the reasons I decided to return to the Civilization series and replay all the earlier games (some of you have probably seen...
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