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  1. King Phaedron

    Evolving Civs and Leaders - Aztec to Mexico, Cherokee to America

    I have several ideas here. Please read and add your own ideas. (Evolving Civs and Leaders game mode summary) 1. Evolving Civs, as in the whole Civilization becomes another one when the world enters the Industrial age. 2. Evolving Leaders, as in Frederick Barbarosa trades his medieval armor for...
  2. Midnight-Blue766

    Bakuel's Mysorean Rocket 2022-09-17

    Unbeknownst to me, Bakuel DID make a Mysorean Rocket model which I was unaware of but was not available separately until now and I am posting here. Thank you to @Walter Hawkwood for posting it publicly in the thread. Download the rest of Bakuel's Travancore, Mysore and Madras unit pack here...
  3. sman1975

    SMAN's Pike and Shot Unit Pack V1a

    Initial upload of a collaboration model that will add various melee units for civs, focused on the last Medieval to the early Industrial Eras. More to follow...
  4. Zegangani

    [NFP] Industry/Corporations Mode is comming!

    With the Newest NFP Updates, Firaxis implemented New Tables in the GameplayShema of the game, that aren't yet used (empty). In the latest NFP Mode, the Heroes Mode, they implimented some Hero Mode Tables into the Base Game (without having the Babylon Pack/Exp1 or 2). But another Table was added...
  5. Matsuda123

    Fire Nation Ironclad 2020-11-25

    Finally after years of wishing for Avatar units in Civ IV, I'm proud to present the first unit, the Fire Nation's own steam-driven warship. You'll notice that it is slightly modified from the original. This is because it never made sense to me why the Fire Nation ships lacked cannons. The Fire...
  6. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Mod Potential) Percussion Primer Technology

    A mod potential thread, by modders for modders. Should Percussion Primer (AKA Percussion caps, with shock sensitive agent made of Mercury Fulminate) be an industrial era technology that comes between Scientific Theory and Rifling? - If so what should it do - If not. why?
  7. Louis the XIV

    [MOD] Historia Vincit

    I'm Sorry to announce that I have given up this mod, also after the 1.4 Update it has a lot of the civs don't have UU's because of a bug. If anyone wants to use anything from this mod they are free to do so. If you are interested in another project by me check out Rhye's and Fall of Spain. Of...
  8. Oaq

    [BTS] Cannot survive the Industrial era at Emperor difficulty

    I cannot win at Emperor difficulty. I can sometimes reach the early Industrial era with a position that seems playable or almost playable, but the Industrial era defeats me. During the Renaissance era, which immediately precedes the Industrial, I cannot simultaneously keep abreast in...
  9. C

    Bank of values, economic sanctions, routes of trade, nuclear pumps, UN, European Union, NATO, and OT

    Hi, my English is not very good, but I hope you understand. I do not know how to make mods, so I wanted someone to do it, but finally, I thought of a mod similar to the Cities Skylines that has the following things: 1- Stock exchange - That is, to give more value to money, the civilization that...
  10. AzraelZephyrian

    [MOD] My first real mod! Industrial Combat Overhaul--yes, I'm making an overhaul

    Here it is! Bandicam 2019-04-16 04-23-50-499 by AzraelZephyrian posted Apr 16, 2019 at 4:30 AM Adds some new units, new fortifications--foxholes and foxhole outposts (which can be used to claim land with your millitary units), extends range of several gunpowder units, makes stock gunpowder...
  11. Matsuda123

    New "What If" Units + Suggestions

    Hello, I'm in the process of designing two "what if" units currently. The theme for these two is: What if the Japanese created their own Ironclads? I'm curious to hear suggestions about what to add, if anything, to them. The first one is based on the Monitor. Rotating turret and all, but...
  12. sman1975

    Fireship Unit V1

    The Fireship is a specialized naval melee unit that rams enemy ships, doing significant damage. The attack destroys the Fireship in the process. It is available at the discovery of Machinery and becomes obsolete at Steam Power. The Fireship has a custom promotion that keeps its damage high...
  13. Industrial Era

    Industrial Era

    When you advance in the industrial era, a picture of a mechanical clock would appear
  14. industrialpark


    Industrial Park - New Building Improvement
  15. Dawn of New Age

    Dawn of New Age

    Industrial Era has arrived.
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