Cambodian Civilization for VP


Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Cambodian Empire for VP
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UA - Barays of Angkor
Cities gain :c5food: Food and :c5faith: Faith instantly whenever they complete a World Wonder or Public Works Project.
World Wonders, National Wonders, and Public Works project give +1:c5greatperson: Great Engineer Point

Note: Instant :c5food: Food and :c5faith: Faith bonus is calculated as Triple the city's :c5food: Food per turn (ie. before :c5citizen:consumption)

UGP - Royal Tromeak (great engineer)
3 movement
Does not cost Unit Maintenance
Can build Prangs

Can Hurry Production in a city
Hurry Production action provides an additional 25:c5production: Production for each :c5citizen: Population in the city.
Spoiler Phnom Preah :

UI - Prang
Unique Great Person Tile Improvement built by Royal Tromeak
Connects Strategic and Luxury Resources to your trade network
Does not remove Features.

+5:c5production:, +1:c5food:, +1:c5faith:, +1:c5culture:
+1 :c5food: from Shrine, Temple, and Grand Temple in Nearby City
+1 :c5faith: from Granary, Aqueduct, and Grocer in Nearby City
+2 :c5culture: if City has a World Wonder
+2:c5production: if city has a Factory
+1 :c5production: for every 3 :c5citizen: population in City
+10% Hurry Production boost for Great Engineers

UU - Dhomrey (trebuchet)
Unlocked at Physics
200:c5production:(+25 from trebuchet)
15:c5strength: CS 24 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (+4 CS, +2 RCS)
2 Range
3 Movement
Feared Elephant Promotion
Field I Promotion

Cover I
1/2 movement in enemy terrain
"bonus vs cities" (100)
-25% vs naval and land units
Is a mounted unit (spearman +50% bonus is applied)

Spoiler More Unique Components :

3UC - UB -
Prasat (replaces Temple)
available at Philosophy
200 :c5production: Production Cost

+3 :c5faith: Faith and +2 :c5culture: Culture
5% of :c5faith: Faith generated on Empire is also given as :c5production: Production in this City
1 Specialist does not Generate :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Urbanization
+50% Religious Pressure

-1 :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Religious Unrest
+1:c5culture: and +1:c5gold: from Incense, Wine and Amber.

4UC - UU - Chivopol (Spearman)
Unlocked at Construction
11 :c5strength:CS
Bonus vs Mounted (+50%)
Bokator - +10%:c5strength:CS
Rice Farmer - Can repair improvements, and construct all pre-industrial improvements as if it were a worker (Farms, Mines, Quarries, Pastures, Plantations, Camps, Lumber Mills, Logging Camp, Village, Roads and Forts). Lost on upgrade.

  • pineappledan Text, leader and civ icons
  • Sukritact: Design inspiration, Prasat and Tromeak icons
  • aa0905766k: 3D leader screen
  • Iska: Khmer map and Loading Screen
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Tromeak Unit Model
  • Viregel: Text
  • Lastsword: Chivopol icon
  • Wolfdog: Dhomrey Unit model conversion
  • Civitar: Chivopol unit graphics
  • DJS Henninger: Prang graphics conversion
  • Asterix Rage: promotion icons
  • Firaxis/Geoff Knorr: Civ 6 Khmer music themes
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Looks really fun. One potentially stupid question: What's a public works project?
Unlocked at machinery, Public Works are a repeatable project that any city can build that reduces local :c5unhappy:unhappiness. Project cost scales with # of existing projects and era.

You may not have noticed them because, as of writing, PWs are sucky and don't do their job well. There is an ongoing discussion on how to make them better.
After playing a bit with the Khmer, 2 things pop out as needing a bit of a tune-up:
- UA is lacking power. I can't boost the yields on wonder completion much more than they already are, or else the :c5faith:faith will catapult khmer hard, and that much :c5food:growth could cause a problem. I'm thinking I might boost the :c5greatperson:GEPoints to +2 per wonder though, or extend that portion of the bonus to national wonders as well.
- Having to avoid settling your cities with no luxuries in your 1st ring because your prang can't improve luxuries is bad. I'm going to make Prang improve all luxuries
Dhomrey looks very intimidating at +200% vs Cities; Siege in VP normally only has +100% vs Cities. Perhaps, that was overlooked

+2 Great Engineer Points would be a good change, as they UA looks very slow to get started. You could also add an Engineer to the Prasat, or even grant a GE Points as a base Yield to the Capital to get them started.
Dhomrey looks very intimidating at +200% vs Cities; Siege in VP normally only has +100% vs Cities. Perhaps, that was overlooked
dhomrey has the same bonus as Trebuchet. I thought it was 200%, but evidently it is only +100%
+2 Great Engineer Points would be a good change, as they UA looks very slow to get started. You could also add an Engineer to the Prasat, or even grant a GE Points as a base Yield to the Capital to get them started.
I'd avoid the bonus to capital, since if you rush stonehenge and get Goddess of Beauty, that's already 6:c5greatperson:GEP in your capital at turn 20
Prasat getting an engineer slot isn't a bad idea... What do others think?
increased GP from wonders and Public Works to +2
Prang can connect luxury resources
Prasat have 1 engineer slot.
I just tried to start a game with this and 4UC and the Khmers themselves are missing their additional components.
It is my first go at a round of VP after a multi version break, so there is a decent chance that the mess is on my end though^^
Yup, If you aren’t using the 4-20 version of VP then the Prasat won’t appear. Check this thread for the download you need
Oh, sorry. That comment about the break was probably more distracting than it helpful. I did the nobrainer stuff like getting version 4-20 and 44 of 4UC.

The particular part that me quit the start and run to this thread was the spearman not showing up on the techtree. I am going to check more thoroughly later today.

Edit: I just realised that the new spearman would show up at a different tech. I think I saw the generic one, but now I definitely have to take another look^^
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The Khmer spearman is unlocked at construction instead of bronze working

Yeah, that realisation was what caused my edit.
However, after checking again I can confirm that I was not just a dumbass. ^^
In my game the regular temple and spearman show up, with no indication in the startup screen or civilopedia that a replacement exists. The other three UCs all do work and a look at the actual folder shows all the files for the two additional components being there.
So it pretty much looks as if the Khmer mod doesnt realize that I have your 4UC mod activated.
That’s a mod load order issue and is often particular to people’s mod lists and settings. An easy fix is to go into your local install and just disable the load triggers which add the 2 extra UCs, and just make them always fire. Search the Khmer mod for BUILDING_GERMANY_TEUTONIC_ORDER, and delete any line with that.

Don’t forget to make sure every statement ends with a ;
Khmer v3 launched
Prasat engineer slot removed. With the newest boost to public works and how specialists will unlock in cities based on unhappiness, its scaling no urbanization boost is much stronger.
Prang nerf. Removed a bunch of buildings from boosts. The potential yields from wonder-whoring the medieval religious wonders and getting all the free religious buildings was bonkers. The late faith on hostpital/agribusiness was just yield gore. Added +2 base food though
I would like some input on a possible rework of the GPP on the UA. It’s very strong early, with Goddess of Beauty and Stonehenge Jayavarman gets +6:c5greatperson:GEP before his first engineer slot.

I’m considering changing the boost one of these options:
  1. +10% :c5greatperson:GEngineer rate for every World Wonder, National Wonder (including palace), and Public Works in the city.
  2. +1 :c5greatperson:GEngineer Point for every World Wonder, National Wonder (including palace), and Public Works in the city.
  3. Do nothing, keep it as is.

Extending the boost to national wonders, but make it %-based, so it it not affected by late-game modifiers, doesn’t create an overpowering snowball off of 1-2 early wonders, but has a massive utility boost with up to +100% GE rate in the capital with all ancient-medieval NWs built in a single city. This is much stronger than Babylon’s bonus, but is specific to single cities, requires work and time to scale up, and probably should be better, considering GE boosts occupy 2 slots of uniques for Khmer.

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I feel that option 2 is more interesting. I may give it a try when I finish my current game (domination game with Japan).
Well it's been a long weekend (Happy Canada Day everyone), and it turns out that the +1:c5greatperson:GEP was never being added correctly. I never caught it before, but GPPs via dummy buildings don't stack. In other words, you can't give GEngineer points off of more than 1 of the same building in a single city.

This means two things
  1. The UA has to use the GEngineer modifier; there's no other choice.
  2. Current balance assessments have been on a civ that gets +2:c5greatperson:GEngineer points in a city if it has a world wonder/public works, and no more, and they have been doing fine. This means that their kit probable needs more nerfing.
So, a new version has now been pushed:
v4 Changelog:
UA changed to +5% GEngineer Rate in city for every World Wonder, National Wonder, or Public Works
Prang base yields reduced to +1 food/faith/culture
some minor text fixes
Unique Promotion Icons added, courtesy of Asterix Rage
New icons for the Chivopol unique unit (4UC only)
I started a game with the new version. It seems OK, maybe lacking a bit of power at the beginning. I liked the idea of having +1 GE points from the first wonder (or palace), which helps getting the first Tromaek.

Also, Prasat does not have an engineer slot, although it is mentioned in the description. Is it by design ?

Other than that, Chivopol is a very nice unit, and the Prang is strong enough even after the nerf.

Great work !
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