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  1. C

    Can someone give a link to download Modbuddy ?

    Hi, I got Civilization VI from Epic Games, I want to mod, but I can't have the Civlization Vi Development Tools except via Purchasing the game Again trough steam. If someone could share Modbuddy (by wetransfer, mediafire, etc.) it would be great! :goodjob: Thanks!
  2. A

    [GS] Problems with custom civilization traits and features

    Hello everyone, A while back I started creating a mod for CIV 6, which is my own custom civilization. I used an old template, which I later changed to the ModBuddy template. Anyway, I was editing the leader and civilization's unique abilities, which are: I tweaked with the numerous modifiers...
  3. Z

    [GS] Remove all but one unit class

    Hello. I've been wanting to make a series of mods where every single unit type is disabled but one - plus civilian units - for use. For example, only siege and civilian units, or melee only. I've tried looking into it some but apparently no one else has done this that I see. There's a few codes...
  4. U

    Cant Start ModBuddy (error 0xc000007b) [SOLVED]

    I cant start modbuddy because I get an error (0xc000007b) This is what I tried yet: Reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Reinstalled the Developer Tools Watched Videos about it but still have this problem. What can I do? Edit: I solved it by myself :D Edit 2...
  5. A

    [GS] Help editing custom civilization traits and features

    Hello everyone, So I followed the guides on how to make a custom civ and its modifiers, but I'm really confused on that last part. I searched through the root files of the game, and found the IDs. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my traits to work, and I really find it hard to implement them. I...
  6. W

    Unable to open Asset Editor

    I am unable to open Asset Editor, it tells me that there is "Invalid base game assets path". The entire message is down below. Invalid base game assets path "E:\SteamProgramFiles\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK\AssetModTools\Cooker". Usage: AssetEditor.exe PathToGameInstall...
  7. Iconian

    [BNW] How do I activate a .lua file for my mod?

    I thought this would be pretty simple, but after looking around I'm not really sure. I've made a number of .xml changes in a mod I'm working on right now. However, I decided that I'd like to include the mods some others have made as well, but with some modifications to make them compatible...
  8. Zur13

    ModBuddy FrontEndActions

    How to force ModBuddy to place action into <FrontEndActions> section of generated modinfo file? The image bellow shows my current setup and resulting part of modinfo file (the action is in <InGameActions> section) <InGameActions> <UpdateDatabase id="ZRTCC_Settings"> <Properties>...
  9. L

    ModBuddy template "NewBuilding" not working..

    Hey all, I'm just starting to get first hands on civ6 modding and I wanted to have a first look at the possibilities using the templates that ModBuddy provides. So I loaded the template "NewBuilding" and built it but my problem is: The mod is showing up as a Mod in the Main Menu The mod is not...
  10. K

    Requirements help for civ trait

    EDIT: assume that Civtraits and TraitModifiers are already initialised Hello everyone, I'm trying to have a requirement on a civ trait for a custom civ of mine. I'm having trouble with the requirements. I've tested the code below and the problem only arises when I try to include any form of...
  11. F

    Asset editor doesn't load

    I tried to load the asset editor a couple of times but I get this message every single time: "Assert Failed File: c:\buildagent\work\acf3423fb2e59e7\civtech\libs\string\common\String_PlatformFunctions.h Line: 1192 Expression: eResult == Platform::ConvertString_CalcLength Message: Time...
  12. N

    Downloading ModBuddy without Steam?

    Hi, I bought CIV VI from Epic Games and I want to download ModBuddy but unfortunately, I couldn't find any other resources other than Steam. I believe it's free so I am surprised when I couldn't find it... Is it possible to download it any other way?
  13. I

    [GS] Modbuddy reinstall

    I changed the location of Modbuddy to the C:, it used to be on the D:. I did this by removing Modbuddy with Steam and then doing a new install thru Steam. Now the issue is I can't add anything to any files/folders. I can open up my mods and change them but if I want to add a file I can't, the...
  14. B


    Okay im going to keep this short as I assume the lack of response to my other posts is due to their daunting length. I want to develop a mod that alters a single '.dds' texture file. That is all. As it stands, I have looked at MANY tutorials, and examined dozens of different mods to try and...
  15. B

    De-Colored Districts [Request/Help]

    Decolored-Districts ------------------------------------------------- So this will probably be my third and hopefully final post on this What I need help with is learning how to inject my changes into the actual game. ---------------------------- My goal is to make it so most districts and...
  16. Justice9229

    Civ on the list with leader, but traits, UU, and UB not appearing on it + minor mod help

    I've been chugging along on my first mod and I've finished most of what is needed, but when testing the mod, none of the unique units, buildings, or even trait appear on the list, simply defaulting to whatever civ I had selected opening the game. Minor things I need help with: While testing...
  17. G

    How do you edit LUA? Use Notepad++ then switch to ModBuddy?

    There (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/modbuddy-extension-better-lua-editor-faster-intellisense.391034/) is a LUA editor improvement for CIV 5 (Visual Studio Shell 2010 or thereabouts), which made modders their day. Someone asked if there is a way to improve the LUA editor for CIV 6...
  18. E

    Modbuddy/VS IDE help

    In my day to day life I use Intellij on MacOS for development. I just bought a windows machine for the first time in 2 decades for steam and modding. tl;dr -- I'm frustrated because my dumb brain can't stop trying to treat this environment like my normal work environment! Problem is, I can't...
  19. B

    How to load Lua with modbuddy?

    If I want to write some Lua scripts to my mod with modbuddy. Is there any necessary actions such like 'Add in to actions', or just create new .lua and build project?
  20. B

    [BNW] Why can't I build anything at the first turn after adding buildings by modbuddy?

    Hi,everyone,I've got the issue for hours and havn't solved yet. Like the title,if I don't add the buildings.xml into action,it'll be ok.But when I add some new buildings, things went bad. I have taken sevral hours to discover what problem was, but I don't get the idea yet. Now the situation is...
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