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  1. S

    [GS] Modding help - Custom Buildings

    Hi there. So i have been busy for hours non stop to make a custom building just 1 out of the few i would like to make. HOWEVER after several hours of trying i just CANNOT get the mod to work! while everything should be fine.... This is 1 of them i have been making. Can i get some help with...
  2. B

    WB: Floodplains & Geographic Features

    Hello there, I came back to Civ6 after... two years I guess? And I'm currently creating a new map. Since I'm still pretty new to all the expansion stuff, I have a few questions regarding the interaction between custom maps and some of the new features. First of all, I'm wondering about how the...
  3. makaki

    [GS] Destination Yields of Domestic Trade Routes

    Hello, I hope this is not the wrong place to ask, but I've looked a while and didn't find any answers so: I'm trying to implement a mod that makes domestic trade routes "transfer" food, so to say, meaning while the origin of the trade route gains food, the destination loses food. I have a...
  4. NameArleadyUsed

    [GS] Looking for basic UI modding guide and/or help

    I would like to learn how to make some basic UI adjustements but I don't even know where to start. I've read about Firetuner and ability to alter hotloaded LUA/XML mods on-the-fly but couldn't find any actual begginer guide. Any usefull links would be appreciated. Also, I would like someone to...
  5. TyrannusRex

    More Built-In Modding Tools

    I love that World Builder is getting some official attention and actively being implemented into the game. Civ players have waited a long time to be able to craft their own maps---but that got me thinking. What if an aspiring Civ modder could create an entire mod without ever leaving Civ 6? Now...
  6. SlySlySly

    [GS] Need to Partner with someone who has Modbuddy.

    Hello. As someone who only has a mac, modding can get really frustrating. I hit so many more walls and it's just really difficult to mod without the modbuddy tool. Because of this, I was wondering if anyone was willing to work with me to create mods. I don't really mind if they're fantasy or...
  7. F

    Civ(ilians) Live and die - New population model, feedback wanted

    Warning: Massive block of text follows. TLDR; this is a different way of accounting for population in Civ, where population points die, and their creation is not based on food, along with a bunch of other stuff to revamp the game. Intro: So, this idea is for a wholesale change for how the...
  8. R

    [R&F] Modify border growth speed

    Does anyone know how and in which file (probably an xml file) to modify border growth? I wan't to speed it up a lot.
  9. Aven

    [Vanilla] District Replacement

    Hello, I'm fairly new to modding Civ 6 and I currently have a simple custom civilization that was based off a template and works. (Pretty much just a plain civ with nothing special) I've been trying to replace the campus district to a custom district. But I've tried many ways through reading...
  10. Ryuholy749

    Applying Unique Effects to Other Buildings

    So, I'm very new to the whole Civ modding scene, and I apologize if I'm asking something obvious, but I've been having trouble figuring this out on my own. If I wanted to copy a special ability (say, the ability to instantly move units from one airport to another) to another building, how would...
  11. A

    [R&F] Modding Loyalty

    I would like advices and tips on how to mod Loyalty in order for it to use Culture and Tourism instead of Population. I have some knowledge of modding, and so far I see that it will either come down to some SQL changes or adding some gameplay scripts to override either the calculation of...
  12. Y

    [R&F] Boost loyalty only if condition is met?

    So I'm making a Canada civ and I am trying to make the civ UA be any city on the same continent as the capital receives a boost in loyalty (ie +3/+4). I think I've figured out how to generically boost all cities loyalty, but I'm not sure how to go about making it only apply to certain cities...
  13. A

    [R&F] JDF's Wilhelmina Art

    I love JDF's mods and love what he did with the Netherlands, however, I disagree with him changing the art of Wilhelmina to her WW1 appearance (when she didn't really do much of anything) and labelling her old model to Juliana (her daughter) while she looks (at least in my opinion) nothing like...
  14. DJ-HOVA


    Would someon with the skills be able tomake a mod where you can choose music locally from your harddrive?
  15. S

    Modify Unit On Change In State

    Hello, I created an unit and now I want to change it's maintenance cost dynamically. For example, I want the unit's maintenance cost reduce if the unit is sleeping. I know LUA, but I am new to using it with CIV VI Thanks!
  16. C

    Modding StagingRoom.lua to increase player cap

    Hi, I'm in the process of making my first mod, and I cannot find any modding guide for the area of Civ 6 code that I want to edit. I want my mod to set the maximum number of players in both single player, LAN multiplayer, and online multiplayer, to the total number of leaders the player can...
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