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Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by TyrannusRex, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Jun 18, 2017
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    I love that World Builder is getting some official attention and actively being implemented into the game. Civ players have waited a long time to be able to craft their own maps---but that got me thinking. What if an aspiring Civ modder could create an entire mod without ever leaving Civ 6?
    Now I know that adding things like new wonders, for instance, would require creating a 3D model in the appropriate software and then adding it into the game, and new units would require their own models and animations, assuming they weren't re-skinned from existing ones (but even then...)
    But if you wanted to, say, add a new leader who was just a 2D graphic, what's preventing you from crafting a profile for them--maybe even adding in a brand new civilization--using blank templates made available in-game, just like World Builder is doing with maps?

    TLDR: I'm looking forward to the day when anyone can easily mod Civ 6, whether it's a technological prodigy or just a dude who likes games like me, to see the leaders, civs, and wonders they've only dreamed about before their very eyes.

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