1. Blake00

    Demonstration source & extraction tools for CivWIN 2008-03-20

    A series of demonstration utility tools created by @honza.havlicek that allow the extraction, conversion and importing of assets into Civilization 1 for Windows. Honza used his tools to create the excellent DOS graphics for CivWIN mod. Original Description...
  2. Blake00

    The CivNET Killer Beta 3

    A fan made program to unload CivNET assets after a crash by Greg Dunlap. Probably not required on modern systems but may still be needed if playing in a virtual machine with an old OS. There is no official documentation however this information was in the About window: --------- The Civnet...
  3. C

    [Col] Decoding Colonization SAV files (1994 / Old / Classic)

    Classic Colonization Fanatics, I am a programmer undertaking my own "voyage of discovery" to completely decode this game's SAV files. I have hacked together some utilities to get up to speed, but I've only cracked a few pieces of the SAV. For all I know, something may already exist which can do...
  4. Zugaikotsu

    [GS] SQL Helper for Civilization VI 1.1.0

    Hello all, I've been working on a small project that I hope will be able to assist the modding community. The goal was to help bridge the gap of the understanding of SQL to a more open broad range of people who may not have coding experience or prefer a visual representation of it due to the UI...
  5. Hemmelfort

    Civ6 Modding Assistant v1.63

    Batch convert images to dds and make atlas. Export Mod.Art.xml. An easy way to make your own modifier. Put all the localized text of your mod together. Creates xml files by filling out forms.
  6. Chrisy15

    C15's Restore Bonus Resources 1.0

    Makes Crabs and Copper Luxuries, and provides framework for other mods to do similar changes. This mod includes tables and triggers which facilitate the conversion of Resource from one ResourceClassType to another. It will handle spawn frequencies and whatnot by itself; you simply have to make...
  7. Chrisy15

    C15's Golden Age Threshold Check Utility

    This is just a block of code that I found I used far too much, and that rewriting it every time was inefficient and boring. It's to be used after any code that adds Golden Age points, and it checks to see whether your GAP will surpass the threshold. This is needed because if you add GAP on...
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