(1-VT) Medic as a civilian unit instead of combat unit with medic promotion

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Aug 9, 2017
Currently dedicate medic is very hard to use due to them taking up room just like normal unit but can only heal units 6 hexes around itself, thus is only good for healing after fight (as they can only heal 2 units when 2 sides clash or when making city blockage).
Turning them into stackable civilian with either siege tower (Assyria's UU) or great general AI would reduce doom carpet micromanagement hell.
They would have the same cost as worker preferably, and with 3 movements to be able to keep up with most units but mounted/armored.

To balance the fact that they would basically give extra healing permanently without any tactical decision, they can either be:
- Limited amount based on maximum supply cap (1 every 5 cap ?) with only medic I (to keep the free healing reasonable)
- Or only heal one specific unit they're on top of at the start or end or by using their action by a good amount (give good tactical decision but would be harder to code for AI)

Along with this change combat unit will no longer be able to get medic promotion.

Optional (hard to implement but if there's someone who could sponsor this idea it would be great): adding extra mechanic to the medic unit above to simulate "supply unit", by allowing them to heal a good amount to all units around with their action, but the amount of healing action is limited (thus the need to build and send new supply unit to the frontline). Would make invading army stronger (since they don't have to run out and heal as much, so might be good to buff up city defense a bit) but very vulnerable when their new supply unit is caught on the way.
Proposal vetoed.

Only one proposal should be made per thread - this is three different proposals, so it fails to meet the "specific" requirement because it does not explain the exact change you're proposing in the mod.

by allowing them to heal a good amount
Exact numbers should be provided here. "A good amount" is too vague.

You can make a new thread with a more precise version of your proposal. :)
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