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#17 Spoiler Discussions

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Smash, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Kev

    Kev Hired Goon

    Feb 23, 2001
    Ringwood, NJ USA
    Ali Ardavan:

    A great attempt with you OCC! I did not play GOTM #17, but from what I read there were no huts to pop in this one. That puts a definite extra challenge in your efforts.

    I am by NO means an OCC expert - I would have to defer to Smash on that - but there are a few things that I could suggest that may help your (hopefully) future efforts:

    1. I know that the Great Library is tempting, but it will usually do more harm than good in that it will likely give you techs that you don't need or don't want - making for a longer time to your next tech. I know that you received quite a few with the Library, but the best thing to do, really, is to trade whenever possible. For this reason, Marco Polo's is often the better choice. If not, put those shields into caravans and they'll serve you better.
    2. Couldn't tell, but were you celebrating when you had the chance? I usually celebrate up to 8, then to 12 once I have an aqueduct, then again for as long as I can after a sewer system. Then, one last time once all of the land is farmed and I have a supermarket. The rest of the time, I have luxuries down as far as possible - to zero once I have Shake's Theatre. I often sell my temple once I have Shake's as well.
    3. I see that you built a barracks right away. I will usually only build one AFTER my SS has launched. I'll usually build a few warriors for martial law and exploration and then start right away on a wonder (though possibly a temple for happiness reasons on deity, but not necessarily).
    4. I see that you studied Bronze Working pretty early. I don't know what the starting techs were, so I'm not sure what the situation was. Normally, I'll make a beeline to Monarcy ASAP and go for BW or something else only when I must. I'll start ANY wonder available and try for BW in a trade or study it myslef later - then switch the wonder production to Colossus. Again, you may have not had a wonder to start on, in which case BW was a good way to go.
    5. Contact with other civs is huge! This is why Marco Polo's is nice. I know that it flies against all your instincts, but it is best to GIVE away any tech that you have that others don't. This does a few things. First, it makes these other civs like you and they'll be more willing to trade maps, ally with you, and then give gifts as your gracious allies (a GREAT source of cash - they will pity you with your one puny city). It will also keep them from attacking you. Second, it will make your own time to new techs shorter. Third, you can essentially have the AI study things for you while you go off and study something else. You'll find that you can FLY through the tech tree in no time. The time to stop gifting is normally right about the time you have combustion. Combustion is needed for flight, and you don't want them to cancel the Colossus before you are ready.
    6. TRADE. LOTS OF TRADE. Once I have trade I make 3 caravans right away (unless there's a race for a wonder or something). Caravans are king, and if there is nothing else to build, build caravans all day long. Every so often, check to see if something is available for trade and then make a caravan if it is. Things like walls, port facitilies and the like will NOT help you out - remember, you are out to avoid all conflict possible. Caravans boost your science in a one-time fashion, boost your gold in the same way, and give your city lots of nice trade arrows to work with. Try to trade with large cities that have good trade-arrow land by it - preferably from a civ in a republic or democracy. With good caravan/freight work, you should never want for cash.
    7. You discovered democracy in 1798 and did not become a democracy until 1891!!! With Shake's, there should be no fear of a democracy. There should be no war anyway if it can at all be avoided. Study it ASAP and swith to it ASAP as well.
    8. Don't know if you do this, but I use food caravans to build all the wonders that I can, and later to build as many SS parts as possible. It's usually best to incrementally rush in the early years. If your city produces 10 shields, let it fill in the first row of the caravan. Then, rush-buy a phalanx for 25 gold, then rush an archer for 25 gold, then rush a trireme for 25 gold then switch back to caravan. The next turn, the caravan will be completed as the final 10 shields will be added (and feel free to use other units that work at the time - they are just examples that I used). With the SS parts, you may start a wonder and add caravans to it and then switch to the SS part. There is no shiled loss when this is done, so it's possible to, say, add 4 caravans to the Manhattan Project (if still available) then switch to an SS component which will then be finished the next turn (if your city has enough shields - usually 80 shields is what you should shoot for). In this way, you can build a part each turn.
    9. Call me nutty, but I like to get Leo's if I can - built with all caravans. I like having non-engineers if I can and it upgrades what little military I do build, diplomats to spies, and caravans to freight.

    OK, I'll shut up at this point. Hope you find some helpful hints.
  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Wow!! This is great. Thank you very much. You obviously read my log in detail and your suggestions are very much appreciated. Some quick responses:
    1. You are right about the Great Library. My current thinking is that with OCC where being friendly with rivals is a must one should go with Marco. With other strategies, I am not so sure. Once they are mad at you, they refuse to trade. I am thinking in those cases GL is a better choice.
    2. I was not celebrating at all. Before Shakespeare I would have had a tough time keeping control. But after Shakespear and Sewer system I should have done it. Will do next time, thanks.
    3. Building a barracks right away was for fear of Barbarians. I realized later that Barbarians never take your only city.
    4. I studied Bronze Working pretty early to be able to start on Colossus. I too would rather zoom to Monarchy and do so in regular games but the prereqs of Monarchy do not allow any wonders and playing OCC you run out of things to build.
    5. I was not as aggressive in contacting other civs as I should have been. Having no huts was a disincentive for exploration.
    6. I traded as much as I could. Perhaps not as early as I could though.
    7. I discovered democracy in 1798 and did not become a democracy until 1891. I figured why waste a few turns in anarchy when I needed about 20% taxes to stay afloat anyway. I only switched when the tech race became too close and cash reserves were ample. In retrospect, I should have done it as soon as possible and gotten it out of the way.
    8. I chose the wonders I wanted and I built those. I was having a tough time building all that I needed. I did use plenty of food caravans for both wonders and space ship. That is how I managed to get all my space ship modules and components in a single turn.

    Thanks again. Your private tutorial was most valuable.
  3. Kev

    Kev Hired Goon

    Feb 23, 2001
    Ringwood, NJ USA
    Hope it helps. Looks like you were pretty much on board with most things I mentioned anyway - just would have been too much detail to write everything in your log. Believe me, I know.

    BTW, I'm trying an OCC in GOTM 18. Ought to be interesting.
  4. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    Holy Cow, U B da Man, dude! If you can pull off any sort of victory without WLT_ population growth....... Fundy's advantages largely disappear for a 1-City empire.... but the good thing is that the AI cities will likely never even reach size 8, since they are stuck in Despotism ;). So maybe you've got a chance.

    Be sure and let us know how your game goes! :)
  5. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
  6. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA


    7 civs
    Emperor level.
    Capitol(suitable for OCC) and 1 settler
    No techs (and no techs will be blocked in research path).
    No restarts
    60x60 map
    restless tribes

    Additional details (as provided in original game description): All huts have been removed for a change. Since this is accomplished with the scenrio editing tools of 2.42,you will be able to research "in a straight shot".You won't get rooked by tech choices https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/p...fanatics.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG].

    My game: Playing this older gotm with modern gotm rules which includes no rehoming of caravans.

    4000 bc: With pre- existing Capitol, the one settler steps West.
    3950: > Alphabet.
    3900: Built 02, @ Grass/river 109/11 with Spice.
    3800: Alphabet > Code of Laws.
    3650: 1st Warrior.
    3550: Code of Laws > Writing (0 / 33).
    3350: 1st current Settler.
    3250: Built 03, grass/river @ 112/18.
    3150: Writing > Literacy (4 / 48).
    3000: 1st Current Settler.

    3000 bc Summary: Despotism, 3 cities. Units: 1 Settler, 1 Warrior. 3 Techs with Literacy in progress @ 19 / 48. Income: 7 tons, 5 Beakers, 4 Coins. Treas: 8.

    2950: Built 04, Grass/river @ 110 / 16.
    2850: 1st current Settler.
    2750: Literacy > Republic (5 / 60). Built 05, Plain/river @ 114 / 16. Income: 13 tons, 10 Beakers, 7 coins. 2450 Oedo is looking great.
    2600: 1st current Settler.
    2550: 2nd current settler.

    2500 bc Summary: Despotism (with Republic next turn), 6 cities. Techs: 4 with Republic in progress @ 52 / 60. Units: 1 Settler, 1 Warrior. Income: 13 Tons, 8 Beakers, 12 Coin.

    2450: Republic > Map Making (0 / 78). S 80 / T 20. Built 07 on Spice (107 / 13). Disbanded Warrior.
    2350: With MM nearly completed shifted to T80 / S20. Will plan to rush several settlers before rushing Bronze/Currency/Trade.
    2300: Map Making > Bronze Working.
    2250: 1st Trireme.
    2150: 1st Road. Built 08, Grass/river @ 116/14.
    2100: 2nd (current) Settler.
    2050: S > 80 to complete Bronze, particularly to open up the cost effective 20 shield step towards rushing settlers.
    2000: 3rd Settler. Bronze > Currency. Back to T 80 / S 20.

    2000 bc Summary: Republic (2450), 8 cities. 6 techs and Currency is in progress. Units: 3 settlers, 1 Trireme. Income: 20 Megatons (gross), 42 coins, 10 beakers. Treasury: 12.

    1950: 1st irrigation.
    1900: Trireme Stumbles upon Sparta but there is no official meeting.
    1850: 4th (current) settler. Built 09 @ 112 / 8, grassland with recently unveiled Whale and Fish.
    1800: 5th and 6th Settlers. Built 10, island plain 105/29 with whale.
    1750: 6th settler.
    1700: 1st Diplomat. Gold spent to below 50. Met the Greeks. Gifted to worshipful to gain a map trade. Unable to trade tech.
    1650: 7th (current) Settler.
    1600: 8th Settler. Built 11, grassland @ 105 / 17.
    1550: 8th Settler. 3rd irrigation.
    1500: Currency > Trade. Built 12, Dateline Hill @ 0/14 with Whale and Fish and with 6/10 turns towards an internal mine.

    1500 bc Summary: Republic (2450), 12 cities. Units: 7 Settlers, 1 Trireme, 1 Dip. Income: 28 Megatons (gross), 51 Coins, 15 Beakers. Tech: 8 plus Trade is in progress @ 2 / 126. Improvements: 8 roads, 3 irrigation, 0 mines. Land Area: 115,000 sq. mi.

    1450: 2nd Trireme. 4th irrigation.
    1400: 3rd Trireme. Built 13, dateline plain @ 118/16 which is able to simultaneously co-harvest the Whale with city 12.
    1350: 7th, 8th and 9th Settlers. Built 14, west island Wheat @ 99/9.
    1300: Completion of 1st Mine inside city 12.
    1250: First riot in a size 2 city. Will hold strong @ 0 lux for the time being.
    1200: Built 15, island canal 97/29 with Whale, Wheat and Oasis.
    1150: 9th Settler, 2nd Diplomat. Built 16, island grassland 93/21/19 with Whale and 2 Fish. Built 17: island grassland 89/13/7 with Whale and ?. Built 18, coastal Hill @ 118/20 with internal mine production @ 5/10 and possible ocean specials. S > 30 to complete Trade next turn.
    1100: Trade > Masonry (6 / 150). America begins production on Pyramids. 7th Settler. Built 19, island plain @ 111/25 with Whale, Wine and 2 Fish. Sought to safely trade for Masonry with the Greeks if they had it, but most likely they did not.

    Priority shifts to building 4 caravans and 4 cities are set to build them. Will coordinate the completion of Masonry with the simultaneous arrival of these 4 caravans in the chosen city. Also slowing the filling of food stores in 5 cities to coincide with the completion of Pyramids.

    1050: Completion of 1st 2 Caravans. S > 70, T 30.
    Interim: Zulus approached, i gifted techs, traded maps, they offered ceremonial in trade and i didn't want to risk them not having Masonry so i refused.
    1000: 3rd Caravan. Need 57 beakers, S > 60 to provide 63. 6th irrigation.

    1000 bc Summary: Republic (2450), 19 cities. No wonders, but Pyramids will emerge in 2 turns (950 bc). Units: 3 wonder caravans (and will have 4th next turn), 6 Settlers, 3 Triremes, 2 diplomats, 1 warrior. Have met 2 civs and traded for both maps. 9 techs and will have Masonry as the 10th next turn. Income: 55 Megatons (gross), 62 Beakers, 43 Coins. Land improvements: 13 Roads, 6 irrigation, 1 mine. Land Area: 227,000. Treasury: 13.

    975: Masonry > Pottery (4 / 176). T > 80 for the moment. 4th Caravan and the 4 fill 200 shields in city 08. Built 20, island grassland @ 102 / 26 with fish.
    950: Pyramids. 2 of 6 size 2 cities require an Elvis. Completion of 2nd mine (internal within hill city 18).
    900: Another city becomes size 2 and this is the 4th out of 10 that requires an Elvis. The shift is made to L 40 / T 60. Paid 50 gold to prevent Barbs from sacking an isolated island city which nearly added an extra turn to the completion of my next wonder (but didn't).
    875: Completion of 1st, 2nd and 3rd (current) Wonder Caravans. Built 21, island grassland @ 95/7 with whale and fish. S > 30% to complete 30 beakers.
    850 bc: Pottery > Seafaring (4 / 204). S > 0, T 60 / L 40. 4th Caravan and the 4 fill 200 shields. Now with Trade, Masonry and Pottery, will spend gold to below 50, trade for any and all available techs and update maps. Planning to build Marco's fairly soon (and possibly Lighthouse), but not in a big hurry to do so and will focus first on local foreign off shore demanded trades from higher trade cities that will celebrate to 5-8 upon HG (along with triremes to transport them)... and secondarily upon additional settlers and expansion. Greece with 2 visible cities is easily reachable demanding 1 Gem and 1 Silver which i am able to supply and 2 Wine which i am not. The Zulu which are a bit further out have 3 visible cities which demand 2 beads, 2 copper and one hopefully unlimited Hide city all of which i am able to accommodate to advance my trade and wealth. Diplomacy: Traded Zulu for the 5 techs they had which include: Mysticism, Polytheism, The Wheel, Ceremonial Burial and Horseback. Also updated maps. Traded Greeks for their one tech - Warrior Code - and updated maps. 17 techs now. Seafaring is in progress @ 4 / 378 and my desired path will then be Philosophy / Monotheism.
    Interim: Egyptian Settler steps to my Diplomat, i tributed a tech for peace, gifted them to worshipful, tried to trade tech and they seemingly had nothing to offer, traded maps. They are quite distant and difficult to reach for this stage of the game and i will likely hold back in sending Caravans there for a while.
    825: Hanging Gardens. Pre-HG celebration initiated in 2 size 3 cities and with L increased to 60, next turn will see 5 additional initiations into size 3 celebration including 4 from size 2 cities reaching size 3 next turn. Summary: 21 cities, 5 settlers, 3 Triremes, 2 diplomats. The other diplomat in a Trireme spots the road of a 4th foreign civ. Gold is spent to below 50 before disembarking at which point the Sioux are met, their one tech of Iron Working was received in trade, Republic was tributed bringing them to Worshipful and then maps were traded. Little Bighorn is relatively easy to reach with an 8 turn careful Trireme journey from my mainland and it demands Hides. Beaker cost for Seafaring increases to 399.
    800, 775, 750 unrecorded.

    750 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens. Republic (2450). 21 Cities. Units: 3 Trade Caravans, 6 Settlers, 6 Triremes, 2 Diplomats. 17 techs. Met 4 civs and have the 4 maps and most likely all of their tech. Income: 82 Megatons (gross), 57 gold, 70% lux. Land Area: 336,000 sq. mi. F4 Heads: 65, Population: 1.62 Million. City sizes (6 cities are continuing to celebrate with food surplus): 2 size 6, 5 size 5, 1 size 4, 1 size 3, 9 size 2, 3 size 1.

    725: (unrecorded).
    700: Built 22, island grassland 84/16/7 with Whale. Built 23: island Oasis 94/28/19. First trade of game: Demanded Gem from 27 trade size 8 city 07 to off shore Sparta: 266. Aprox 350 coins reinvested down to 2, mostly to 10 shields short of completion with the promise of various soon to be completed trade caravans, triremes and settlers.
    675: Built 24, island grass/river @ 84 24 19 with an irrigated Wheat.
    650: 2nd Trade of game: Demanded Silver from size 7, 24 trade city 07 to off shore Athens: 266. Fills beakers for Seafaring and one scientist is assigned. Gold coins reinvested down to 27. Population surpassed 3 million this turn and 4 cities are currently celebrating.
    625: Seafaring > Philosophy (0 / 600).
    600: 3rd trade of game: Demanded Hides from size 8, 24 trade city 02 to offshore Little Bighorn: 352.
    4th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 22 trade city 11 to offshore Little Bighorn: 312. Beakers filled and one scientist is assigned. Reinvested about 750 coins down to 214.

    600 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Republic, 24 cities. Units: 7 Trade Caravans, 10 Settlers, 11 Triremes, 2 diplomats. 19 techs and 20th & 21st next turn. Income: 95 net megatons, 82 Coins, 3 beakers. Land Area: 419,000 sq. mi. F4 heads: 98. Population: 3.1 million.

    575: Philosophy > Monotheism > Construction ( 0 / 682). Built 25, island grassland @ 86 10 7 with Whale and Fish. Built 26, Plain @ 89 23 19 with 2 Fish and Shared Whale.
    550: 5th Trade: Demanded Hide from size 7, 22 trade city 02 to off shore Little BigHorn: 328. 6th Trade: Demanded Hide from size 7, 18 trade city 03 to off shore Little BigHorn: 304. 40 beakers short and city science is increased to complete this and make the way for the next two trades to be applied to the next tech. Built 27, Wine @ 108 24 12 with irrigated grass/shield square. Reinvested about 750 coins, ending treasury is 53.
    525: Construction > Bridge Building (0 / 713).
    500: Built 28, island plain @ 104/10/11 with fish. 7th Trade: Demanded Hide from size 7 Capitol to size 4 off shore Little BigHorn: 408. This trade cancels Hide demand in Little Big and a stream of 7 additional Hides within the shipping lanes must redirect to less conveniently located Zimbabwe and/or Bapedi.

    500 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Republic, 28 cities. Units: 12 Trade Caravans (including 10 Hides), 22 Settlers, 12 Triremes, 2 diplomats, 1 legion (recently bribed from barb landing). 22 techs and 408 / 717 towards Bridge Building. Income: 110 net megatons, 92 Coins, 0 beakers. Improvements: 22 roads, 16 irrigation, 2 mines (both internal within hill cities). Land Area: 454,000 sq. mi. F4 heads: 101. Population: 2.97 million. Reinvested coin and the end of turn treasury is 59.

    475: Built 29, grassland @ 106/22/12 with shared gem. Built 30, island grassland @ 101/ 13/14. Built 31: island grassland @ 100/24/19 with shared Wheat. 8th trade: Demanded beads to foreign offshore Ulundi from size 7, 21 trade arrow city 11: 312. Fills beakers for bridge building and 1 scientist is assigned.

    450: Bridge Building > Monarchy (744)... towards Feudalism/Thelolgy.

    425: 9th trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 24 trade arrow city 09 to foreign off shore size 4 Zimbabwe: 424. 7 length ship chain is established for demanded Hides from my main continent to the Zulu shore. 10th trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 24 trade arrow city 06 to foreign off shore size 4 Zimbabwe: 328. Fills beakers for Monarchy and one scientist is assigned. Built 32: island grassland @ 91/27/19 with oil, shared whale and shared fish. Planning to complete a west to east road across continent 19 as an alternative means for landing trades to Egypt where one or few triremes will be placed on the east coast rather than requiring an 11 length ship chain from original continent to a nation that does not demand Hides. It's possible the ship chain will be utilized instead, but the road will provide a viable alternative which would free up several triremes for other potentially more valuable sea routes. 880 gold is reinvested in Hides and other commodities, Settlers and triremes reducing treasury to 56. Not investing in 8 Mike's caravans as yet but will likely build this wonder within 5 or fewer turns.

    400: Monarchy > Feudalism (0 / 800 ). 11th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 24 trade arrow city 09 to foreign off shore size 4 Zimbabwe: 448. 12th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 21 trade arrow city 11 to foreign off shore size 4 Zimbabwe: 336. 6 scientists assigned to complete tech. Built 33, island grassland @ 89 / 9 / 7 with shared fish. Reinvested coin from 939 to 20.

    400 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Republic, 33 cities. Units: 16 Trade Caravans (including 13 Hides), 26 Settlers, 15 Triremes, 2 diplomats. 12 Trades landed (all foreign and off shore). 24 techs and 784 / 800 towards Feudalism. Income: 130 gross megatons, 92 Coins, 18 beakers (number required to complete current tech). Improvements: 32 roads plus 5 Bridges, 26 irrigation, 3 mines (each of which are internal within hill cities). Land Area: 492 sq. mi. F4 heads: 109. Population: 3.06 million.

    375: Feudalism > Theology (0 / 832). New units: 17th > 19th Trade Caravans, 27th Settler, 16th > 20th Triremes. . Gifted a tech to each of the 4 known foreign civs inspiring an increase in each attitude from enthusiastic to worshipful. Offered tech trades with each of the 4 civs and received none (most likely because they had nothing to offer) and received map updates with all 4 revealing 2 new cities as potential trade partners. 13th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 24 (base) trade arrow capitol to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 432. 14th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 18 trade arrow city 03 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 320. 15th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 21 trade arrow city 11 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 336. 16th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 8, 25 trade arrow city 06 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 368. Landed every available demanded trade to stimulate the greatest level of wealth and the accompanying spending power. 1456 / 832 beakers towards Theology and one scientist is assigned. Built 34: island hill @ 96/10/8 with Fish and with 1/10 progress towards an internal mine. Reinvested coin from 1567 to 436 including rushing 7 of 8 wonder caravans to 50 shields for a 300 bc Mike's.

    350: Theology > Medicine (0 / 864) 17th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 8, 25 trade arrow city 06 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 368. 18th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 21 trade arrow city 11 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 336. 19th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 18 trade arrow city 03 to foreign off shore size 5 Zimbabwe: 320. Beakers filled and one scientist is assigned. Reinvested coin from 1564 only down to 950.

    325: Medicine > Engineering (0 / 896). Built 35, island coastal grass/river 2 steps from Zimbabwe allowing for more efficient Hide deliveries. Built 36, coastal island plain with Fish and shared wheat.
    20th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 21 trade arrow city 11 to foreign off shore size 6 Zimbabwe: 336. 21st Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 19 trade arrow city 03 to foreign off shore size 6 Zimbabwe: 328. 22nd Trade: Demanded 2nd Hide from size 7, 19 trade arrow city 03 to foreign off shore size 6 Zimbabwe: 328. 23rd Trade: Demanded Hides from size 5, 16 trade arrow city 04 to foreign off shore size 6 Zimbabwe: 288. Beakers filled and one scientist is assigned. 8 food caravans fill 400 shields for Mike's. Now with a lot of wealth, able in addition to rushing Trade Caravans, Triremes and strategic settlers (in size 4+ cities), able also to rush caravans towards Bach's, Lighthouse and Marco's. With excess wealth beyond what can be invested in new demanded foreign trades, size 4+ settlers and triremes, numerous Wonder Caravans are rushed towards Bach's, Marco's and Lighthouse (all of which will emerge in 250 bc) and overall coin is reinvested from 2385 to 661.

    300: * Michelangelo's *. Engineering > Sanitation (0 / 957). 8 celebrations initiated and an additional 12 cities are set to celebrate next turn with Lux set to 60. 24th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 23 base trade arrow city 09 to foreign off shore size 7 Zimbabwe: 480. 25th Trade: 2nd Demanded Hide from size 7, 23 base trade arrow city 09 to foreign off shore size 7 Zimbabwe: 480. 26th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 19 base trade arrow city 03 to foreign off shore size 7 Zimbabwe: 352. 27th Trade: Demanded Hides from size 7, 21 base trade arrow city 11 to foreign off shore size 7 Zimbabwe: 360. One scientist assigned.

    300 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Michelangelo's. Also, Bach's, Marco's and Lighthouse all will emerge in 250 bc and Bach's currently has 200 of 400 shields. Republic, 36 cities. Units: 7 Trade Caravans (including 3 Hides), 9 Wonder Caravans (plus 4 which already landed towards Bach's), 30 Settlers, 26 Triremes, 2 diplomats. 27 Trades landed (all foreign and off shore). 28 techs and 29th next turn. Income: 126 gross megatons, 173 Coins, 3 beakers. Improvements: 41 roads plus 7 Bridges, 34 irrigation, 3 mines (each of which are internal within hill cities). Land Area: 513 sq. mi. F4 heads: 125 and soon many more via celebration growth. Population: 3.59 million (and soon much larger). Treasury: 772.

    Stopping here and we are set up to emerge with Bach's, Marco's and Lighthouse in 250 bc." align="" border="0" />
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